Talk about a rip

If he sneezes too hard he’ll die lmao rip in the chat for me. Talk about a choke and a half from me


Doubt it’s a choke I bet it’s just TC not knowing how to fix this damn shotgun


I have been consistently been hitting these lately, I think the stealth tuned it

That’s how it feels sometimes.

Last night this kept happening to me so much.

Should’ve just called it after 3 straight losses.

Servers were bad for me the other night.

Lmao I only got into one server with 100+ ping but other wise the servers are decent for me.

But damn lmao, I’m stuck in Onyx one and two like Marcus was stuck in the slab

In FFA this happens to me consistently
6-10 times per match. (1 hit 98%-99%)
It’s absolutely game breaking. The shotgun is broken and was definitely tampered with. Hopefully they fix it ASAP

Same man, same