Taking more than 20 minutes to find a match every single time

Is anyone else having problems finding matches , have ipv6 and a open Nat , and between eatch match is taking more than 20 minutes to find the next one , and I can’t Stop searching and try other things like horde without getting penalties , this is just wrong .

Ignore the penalty warning - it’s a bug. Only penalty if you quit actual game.


Seems like people never post their region when making these threads. If you’re in EU, the player base is low and it’ll take a while sometimes.

If you’re in the US, are you searching “dead” modes at odd hours (like Dodgeball late at night)?
In the states you should be able to find a TDM or KOTH within a minute in peak hours and within 5 min in the middle of the night.


Good point - I make the assumption they are not US.

If they are US -
Dodgeball - Dead after 10PM CST
Armsrace - Dead 24/7 especially if you’re on PC
Guardian - Dead after 10PM CST
KOTH - Can find a match within 7 minutes tops (I avg about 4) unless it is after midnight CST
TDM - ^same

Escalation - On PC can be up to 7-12 minutes depending on time of day. Haven’t played enough lately to know.
Execution - For me has always been as good as Arms Race in finding matches.

All of these times are reduced when playing with a group from what I have noticed.


My experience reflects the same. Interestingly, I don’t have any harder of a time finding matches on PC vs Xbox. I think it may be harder for pc players in EU because of the lower player base and (what I perceive to be) a bigger problem with cheaters causing more people to turn crossplay off.

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