Taking me out in game and get suspended

In Gears 5 I’m playing normal in ranked and in the middle of the game just take me out and then I get suspended for that. I’m getting kinda frustrated.


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Yes it is, the disconnects are frustrating. TC does know about the issue and the lack of the ability to rejoin. They are working on it.

Really appreciate it! @xxxGAUNTLETxxx yesterday I got suspended for 15 hours because of that ); I’m sorry for taking out my frustration.

Said that is the connection but is the only game that happened

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Your welcome. Man if you ban is for 15 hours maybe you should get at TC either through Twitter or submit a ticket. Maybe @TC_Sera can help if your truly are not quitting because 15 hours is kinda a build up for previous offenses. Usually it’s only 15 to 30 minutes unless your getting disconnected alot.

That’s the thing it happens all the time. That’s why I’m frustrated

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I do know a person who was getting kicked alot from gears but the problem seem to stop after he opened all his ports on his router because the same was happening to him on red dead redemption and that was the fix. Maybe you should try that.

I think I’ll try that. I not quitting or something about it it just says that the connection got lost.

Yes without the ability to rejoin the system does think you quit. Either way since bans do accumulate and if you do play gears alot maybe you should submit a ticket. I would. Maybe TC can clear all your previous bans off your GT so if you do get disconnected it’s not 15 hours lol.
Hopefully it’s a simple fix with your ports.

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How I do the ticket?

https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 6

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Okay man thanks a lot

Your welcome.

I will try to contact them on Twitter too

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Yea this happens to me non-stop; it happens so much that I actually managed to obtain a 32 hour suspension the other week.
But yea I deal with this frequently–I also made a thread about this situation.
It was indeed addressed by TC at least, but for now and unfortunately I keep my ranked-play to a minimum.

@TwoCCNBOME you don’t play ranked a lot now right?
And yea is frustrating

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Yea I only play ranked sometimes now–I try to avoid it for now. If I play too much then this issue always ends-up happening and then I get suspended and can not play, so it is basically pointless for me to play ranked too much.

I usually just stick to quickplay so that I don’t have to deal with this; I still do ranked, just not a lot anymore because of this issue unfortunately.
I’m safer on quickplay, which is sad because I love playing ranked.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon because it is very annoying when I put a lot of effort into the ranked matches and then I get removed/suspended out of nowhere.

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I feel you for real

Not sure why you’d get disconnected so often. It’s def frustrating but if you consistently get kicked from rank, you shouldn’t be playing ranked it ruins it for everyone else., even if it’s not your fault.

Play quick play, you may not like it but at least it’s being considerate of others.