Taking another break off gears getting stacked against. 4 stack pc team and not even having one pc player on ours was pretty demoralizing we literally got destroyed while gg tc I was one of the 40% that had cross play turned off but screw me right?

Love getting forced to play against pc players cus they decided they didn’t wanna play stuff like valorant and all that ya know pc games ?


This reminds me of the time when I was a bit annoyed at my girlfriend. So I announced I was leaving in the hope that she’ll beg me to stay, and apologise.

I am now single.


Except gears is not even in the top 20 played games on Xbox but please go on sir I have 7 days in the king of the hill think I had fun with my time I’d say not saying it’s a bad game bud. I don’t play war zone for the same reason as well.


you can’t even tell who’s on pc though, I don’t get it lol

if you keep getting smacked, simple explanation could be that maybe you and your team isn’t good?


A few months ago I played against a stack of PC players and was getting beamed down by lancers across blood drive. Ive had crossplay turned off since.

Since the latest update I haven’t run into that. I also started playing with an elite controller on classic alt, so I’m able to hold my own against most PC players. It is annoying going against stacks but with the player count being so low, crossplay being on permanently hasn’t been terrible so far.

Yes you can click on their gamer tag it shows the pic screen

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Long title.


I knew this was going to happen. The moment someone gets stomped they’ll immediately claim “The PC are coming the PC are coming!” when in reality Console users could still use KBM regardless.

“Nah bro you don’t understand I just know trust me

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The title is longer than the actual post lmao


Are you not on Xbox ? Yes you can click on their gamer tag while you’re in the match and scope the profile pic itll show the computer screen it does that for all Xbox accounts using pc’s

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Emperor Palpatine "Ironic" | Know Your Meme

I’m on XBOX ONE S, I’m sure I’ve ran into a bunch of them but I still beat them when my 4th isn’t a doing their homework while playing

PC players are just as easy and as good as consoles, nuff said

If you’re signed into Xbox app on your PC it’ll always show you online on your PC even if your xbox is off.


You can see who is on pc buddy!!! If you check the players Profile during the Match, the pc Icon will be showed

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You’ve litslly always been able to click on someone’s gamer tag and see the pc in their profile screen don’t know how anyone didn’t know this ?this is Xbox live btw not in game. So yes I know for a fact it was a 4 s stack pc

I played some comp best friend, I actually had fun today. “and thats a first for me”

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Thank you!!!

I just think if you’re checking to see who’s on what, it means you’re scared of them lol

anyone is beatable

wish I was there, can you come pick me up from work? say I have a doctors appt

Nah buddy, not scared, :joy: