Takeaways from Latest dev stream

Villains confirmed for operation 2.

TC cut out a big multi levelled library section from the game.

Clayton Survived the end of the game but said that the Scene was already too crowded (bs lol it was a massive roof)

TC have a plan for the cannon death, the Campaign director was very pro save JD.

They did not skip to G Carmine for no reason, they have a plan for all letters (H Carmine next bois)

Flock are not Kryll nor heart leach


If JD being saved became canon and the other choice be simply ignored, the choose in Gears 5 will be pointless.

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I have been wanting to watch this, didn’t have the time when it was streamed live. But every link I’ve tried just sends me to a page telling me the stream is “offline” instead of just letting me watch the damn thing from start to finish as a VOD.

And I don’t see why the lead director would be “pro save JD”. What even went into that consideration? Story branches, character arcs or how a choice would be made by Kait(for which I am an advocate she would be much more likely to save Del over JD due to the friendship between her and Del being closer after all of the post Act 1 events/timespan, namely Act 2 - yes, JD has been trying to redeem himself but why would she suddenly value him more over Del after months of basically being ignored by JD?)? We should at least get some say in the matter as well. It happened with Carmine in Gears 3, so I don’t see why there shouldn’t be any community involvement for 6 in this regard.

And yes - I do currently like Del over JD. But that doesn’t go into my consideration nearly as much as what Kait would be likely to do, for who to save, in that situation, based on what we know of her relationship to the other characters.

By the way…

If the Flock isn’t made up of the Leeches we see in it and that it throws out then what the hell is it made of? It’d have been more interesting to know what Leeches were doing inside the Kraken.

Nice thanks for the summary.

It’s better that way imo. If heir was true multiple choice that would just break continuity, but they should never have given us a choice anyway, it just cheapens it.


Can you tell me what does this mean?

I watched the first 20 or so minutes and gave up when Dana said campaign only questions. The building is burning down but the Director of Communications still believes the playerbase will keep waiting blinded by faith alone.

Yeah, On the way to save clay in settlement 2 you would fight the swarm through a multi story cog libary. Similar to myrrah palace in gears 2.

Ohh a literal library, thought it meant a code library. Thanks for your reply.

I personally think Del dies, because it would be very odd to have the son of the great Marcus Fenix die without ever having done anything of note lol.

Plus JD would be the only thing fans would be able to stomach Marcus dying for. Like if he goes out in a blaze of glory saving his son, that would be the only way it wouldn’t insult us at this point. Unless they plan on just letting him survive the war and die of old age.

I agree. Del is most likely to be the cannon death, but one point that Del survives is that, from a writing standpoint, Del is is meant to be our perspective into the world, as stated by Rod himself numerous times.

In every scene we always agree with Del.