Take these stupid support weapons out if free first all

why am I getting crossed in free for all?

So does the lancer do no damage or too much damage to the point where it should be removed. Because everyone’s actually confusing the hell outta me


Y’know, I wonder the same thing.

I also wonder why people go after me when someone is shooting them in the back.

Also when people run right by other people and straight line me.

We live in interesting times

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I just be lost! I was just frustrated when I made this post lol I’m playing ranked ffa me and this one dude is neck and neck. Ppl were just in the way and I’m just getting crossed in my back while fighting like WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING THE ENEMY! I lost it was a gg but DAMN! lol stop crossing meeeeeeee

Just got masters in ffa tonight, I’m not touching it lmao

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Imo too much damage, I’m always going to say the Gears 1 Lancer was (kisses fingers) perfect.

When you were hosting :smiling_imp:

ooooouu see now thats a different story lol host lancers a different type of pain…