Take the “Survivor” modifier out of Horde

Can we please get the “Ironman” function out of the second easiest difficulty and save it for actual Ironman and Master difficulties. It makes no sense to me why they would do that for every difficulty but beginner. Anyone else kinda have a problem with this?


In the custom lobby browser the host can choose exactly which modifiers they want enabled.
You can skip the survivor modifier and still enable other modifiers to achieve a higher difficulty level.


That’s good to know but for Horde events or playing with randoms it needs to go. It just makes it a huge wast of time if you get to wave 40 or something and something dumb happens. Plus Horde has always kinda been trial by error and this takes that aspect away a bit.


Totally and utterly agree. It winds me up no end that someone at TC thought this was a good idea. I sincerely doubt they did, I think they care so little for the mode. It just goes to show the Horde designers are NOT Horde players. If they were they never would have green lit such an assine and moronic decision.


It’s good in public horde. Sometimes the random team doesn’t click and it’s better just to end. But a vote to continue could be a good thing.


One of my biggest complaints among other things in Horde 4.0. Remember when Ironman was a modifier separate from the difficulties?


I kind of like it. Keeps you on your toes. But sure it feels like a rough ending when all go down on wave 50 except the xp-camping dude by the fabricator and all you can do is watch the horde breach your barriers and finally kill the spectator just for the game to end.

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The higher difficulties alone will keep you on your toes.

Ironman just infuriates people and starts blame games.


The variety of modifiers is a plus but placing ironman where it is is a confusing choice.

I liked ironman in 4. If we’re going to wipe, we wipe.

It’s harder to swallow when it happens at 48-50 in 5 though. The matches last longer than they did in the last game and are tedious and less rewarding.


The higher difficulties will keep me in cover 95% of the time. The ironman mutator will keep me somewhat on my toes even on lower levels.

I can agree though that it’s odd to put the ironman mutator as the first one.

It feels like the first 4 modifiers should be the last 4. Death=Wipe, double health, double dmg, -50% regen. When I open my own room if I’m not shooting for insane or masters I tend to turn on everything else. Ill take execution rules, enemy regen and cost increase over those initial 4.

Disagree. I’ve stated my opinion before on this. Survivor needs to stay. Makes horde feel like a survival game mode which is what it was always meant to be. It needs to carry weight. You should be penalized for failing. Without the feeling of impending failure or the risk of failing the game mode feels pointless to me. Everyone quit out in g4 when games would fail anyway.


Look I wouldn’t be as upset about it if it didn’t make you start at the main menu (especially for non private and event matches) instead of giving you the option of keeping your team and starting from wave 1. It’s just really unfriendly and inconvenient and just a poor design decision.

Ideally i’d like it seperate because dying in Horde is punishing enough because you don’t get refunded even with your forts destroyed, Restarting is already an uphill battle.

You already do, it’s called going bankrupt.


They did make some questionable choices for this version of horde :man_shrugging:

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You had the choice of Ironman in Gears 4. If you wanted that “survival” feel, you had the choice. It makes no sense that it’s forced upon us.

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Yeah, I’m with the OP here.

Over the weekend my brother and I found a great Horde match on Insane. All players were lvl. 15+, and we could tell from the start that it was going to go the distance. All the players were fun and using their callouts back to us for humor’s sake. We had a lvl.3 forge by wave eight and were rolling in energy. And it was on Exhibit, like the easiest map for Horde.

Then we got too confident, someone pushed out too far, someone rushed to get him and got downed himself,I got downed on the opposite side of the map, etc. Freak accident before wave 20 with none of our fortifications damaged. I’m sure everyone there would’ve just reloaded, said, “sorry my bad :sweat_smile:” and then we would’ve kept going no problem. But that’s not an option unless we send out party invites to everyone in the group and hope they all want to join and start from wave 1 again.

It’s just bizarre that they chose to make Ironman a mandatory difficulty modifier for everything above piss-easy.


That’s why you need a Fahz in your team. X-ray damage will kill enemies everywhere, even when they spawn outside the map.

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I don’t know if this can happen with any enemy but if the last one alive is a Bastion, it’s… relatively easy to get rid of it if it’s stuck underground. Just try getting whichever enemies could be near it away from the Bastion(and hope it’s not a Scion or Sniper) and when it is dead, go near the Bastion to have it self destruct harmlessly. If it’s any other enemy, well…hope you have a Fahz. Or make someone join back in as him.