Take Out The Horde Parts From Campaign

Big no to making ai in the campaign wallbounce. Wallbouncing is a mp thing that would look weird in a lore-friendly enviroment.

People already wall bounce in the Campaign.

Regardless we need better A.I and a campaign that prepares players for Multiplayer

Hahaha naw man. Your good.

I know I was full tilt seal team 6 til I got reminded I had Ironman switched on lmfao

And I agree. The horde parts in the campaign are a nuisance. The premise behind them is a good thought but at the same time it’s boring AF.

The only one that’s enjoyable is the very last one because your killing multiple bosses.

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The parts in the campaign, to me, were just kinda flat. I actually do enjoy “Tower Defense” type missions if they’re done correctly. I feel that if TC were to implement them in the game again, there should be fewer of them, but they should be to a larger scale. The events shouldn’t just be simple waves of enemies, but instead the whole landscape is shifting around you and have there be tension as you wait for something to save you.

It made sense when you defended the Outsider camp, sure. But then you end up doing it 50 more times after every level. That made it boring.

I agree, get rid of the horde stuff from the Campaign. People want an engaging story and cinematic narrative, they don’t want to play defend the base after each level.

Make the gameplay and story fun, make Campaign worth playing, don’t make Campaign a tutorial for Horde Mode.

I think if the story was engaging and the characters really pulled you into their struggle, this would be a non issue. You can change all the small things you want in 4s campaign and still it will be the same, kind of drab, slog to the end.

Every part of the story made sense.

The outsider camp from Jinn’s DB onslaught

Then your riding the lift down chasing after the snatcher that captured Marcus - where would you have sped that part up?

Then setting us base camp around the turret waiting for Baird to show up with the Mech’s?


I see only one real problem with the horde parts. They’re feels kinda flat in G4 without additional objectives or without changing in the process. For exampe i Imagine the first horde part in the village similar to anvil’s gate from G3 with different layers and additional objective to keep final gates safe.
I feel that the second(lift) horde part was pretty ok. The last horde part was kinda ok too, but i’d prefer maybe to choose between horde or go with marcus inside, To be honest i don’t like the whole last act of the game. It starts with cool db vs swarm vs you scene, but there are no interesting story or background or something unique after that scene. It feels like a straight line to the final boss battle. I imagine ones again tha last act with more usage of db vs swarm vs you theme to bring something special and memorable into it and for example better appearance of baird and cole at the end of horde part to help you handle it. Sorry for my english.

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Judgement did one thing right and that was the modifiers that changed things up in the campaign. The horde parts and all the other parts wouldnt have been so boring if these SP campaigns would dare to add some variety and choice. To often its an A to B shooting gallery.


There was only one “horde” part and it was kinda important to the story.

Only other game that had a lot was Judgment, but it was pretty damn fun

Those sections are basically enemy reinforcements coming where you have to hold your ground, defend your position, or you’re stuck and can’t progress until you’ve defeated them all. That would obviously happen at some point during the story or Campaign. The story / Campaign isn’t a run and gun shooter where enemy reinforcement won’t come at all. They have backup and they aren’t alone. If they’re part of Hive Network / Mind, they’d know what’s happening around them to alert others.

Horde is more like a survival mode with nothing to do with story or Campaign. Except enemies coming from there.

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Three sections actually - the Outsider Camp at the end of Act 1; the Elevator section in Act 3; and the bit in Act 5 where you wait for Marcus to radio for backup. But point taken, there’s not many sections at all.

I didn’t have a problem with them. Most shooters including GOW tend to feature the same formula anyway - go to area A and kill everything before you move, then go to area B and repeat etc. I mean, they play out like many other sections in previous GOW games.

Like in GOW2 in Act 1 where you stop while Dizzy fixes the grindlift vehicle, or the section on Act 2 where you have to defend against an ambush (just before the Riftworm swallows you); or in GOW3 at Anvil Gate, or the bit in Judgment where you defend your position while you prepare to launch the lightmass bomb. And I’m sure there are plenty of other sections too.

The only difference in GOW4 is you have a fabricator and these sections are slightly longer.


Just keep it, nothing too bad nor time wasting since we already have more than 1k hours on this game.