Take off the emote toggle crap

Hey this is Gears not FORTNITE. Take that crap with the right joystick out of the game. It’s okay for horde but for versus IT COVERS THE ENTIRE SCREEN. GET RID OF THAT GARBAGE. THERE HAS BEEN MULTIPLE POSTS AND COMPLAINTS ABOUT IT ALREADY. How come it is still part the game.



This has been called out by the community for months and it hasn’t been addressed yet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled up the emote wheel during an intense battle and had to fight blind.


Exactly the same here!

Happens all the time…“but, but fortnite!!”

Turn that shizzle off please!!


It is NOT OK for horde, they should remove all of the emotes except for silent ones, AND they should limit it to two emotes per minute.
Listening to morons spam them is just ruining it for everyone else on the team

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I like people who use them well to express themselves.
But people who say spam “Move it! Move it!” while playing as Marcus do my head in. If I’m host, it’s a kick.

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You can re map it to a different button. I put it on Y because I never press Y.

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True, but I use the right stick click, aka emote button, for long zoom of the Longshot. Placing that on Y would create other issues.

Just let us toggle it TC. If we don’t want it enabled don’t force us to.

How often is that a problem :joy: jk

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Lol, very often. I destroy with the Longshot in this game. :sweat_smile:

Never had this problem. Ever.

Happens all the time with me, I tend to press more firmly on the stick when in heated gun battles.

TC you always say you’re listening… are you really though? :thinking:

it’s called “Clenching” and made a post about it when Ryan was on the Forums taking questions. I think he knows about it because he did mentioned he has the same issue when playing. anyone go over the controller options to see if they addressed this in OP3(TU5)?

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THE FAMOUS RYAN "Peter Pan " Clevens

Everyday the community finds new stuff to nag at the game and yell at the devs.

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It’s a legit complaint though.

There is no reason for this option not to have been implemented yet. Clicking that wheel is easy to do in heated battles which is the time it’s most necessary that it doesn’t pop up. Either remove the wheel or default it to holding Y. I’d change it manually but I need zoom to be on right stick click and changing one changes the other.

Change your controller scheme to classic alt then remap the buttons that way Y is for emotes and zoom in which I prefer.

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I want zoom to be right stick click and emotes off or Y. I need them separated.