Take eliminations off

I’m saying this cuz it might give people more incentive to TRY and get kills instead off lancering the whole game this is why we have problems with stack when playing solo cuz they like oh I can get kills off my team just with a pellet of any gun I t’s a very dumb idea. I had someone on one of my teams lancer the whole match like literally the whole game (I kept an eye on him) and I had 50+kills at the end and this person was right behind me with 50+ kills on the board with just as much point that’s is ridiculous. We need to stop giving medals to non-performers and reward people that can perform also kill stealing on gears always happens it’s whatever it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’d rather have my kills stolen then people getting free elimination not even trying ( last part for people that are gonna be like they did it because people are stealing kills)


while i think elims are better than kills, i do think the system is not very rewarding for the scoreboard as it relates to ranking up. changes can be made to improve the system without getting rid of elims though. easy to rank up? bad. elims? i like them.

people were lancering like crazy back in gow 3 and 4 when we had kills. i dont see those full stacks lancering with the idea to gain elims, i see them doing it to maintain map control

even with the change to 4v4 to decrease the number of bullets flying and angles, people still lancer. what about the lancer nerf? still lancering.

i think it is more about people playing to win and understanding how important it is to maintain setups and to help teammates.

heck, even in gnasher only stack vs stack koth matches, i have heard, “arrgg! y’all are teaming on every fight!”

yeah, even then they will shoot you with the gnasher from further away. no matter what it is, at a higher level, people understand to keep their distance and play for damage

the issue i see with calculating elims is that every bullet really does matter. damage increases chunk range so that alone is significant reason to reward a bullet or two. you dont have to deliver a lot of damage to be helpful, not in this third person game where half a step makes all the difference

Seriously they really do! Or give us the option to see the old scoreboard at least.

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I definitely understand what u mean but I think it’ll still be a better idea to take them off. It’ll change the meta a bit to where people aren’t gonna want sit and lancer the whole match to control map position because they are only gonna have downs and not kills on the board. People wanna see kills on the board next to there name which is a facts not 0 kills and 20 downs. So they would have to rotate with the team mate and get out in the field and let another cross but if u have elims u don’t have to do that is what I’m trying to get at makes for a better flow instead of locking down. I’m a solo player and going against stacks that one person sit and cross the whole game is hard to deal with.they need a reason to move and that’s getting the kills and elims don’t help this one bit but I guess this is what people want

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100%. Elims are equivalent to participation trophies. By far my least favorite aspect of the game.

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Eliminations are fine they just to need to make kills worth a lot more

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Ranked needs Social’s scoring system integrated. A kill should reward 15 gp(koth example), while eliminations (assists) should only reward GP based on the amount of damage you did to the player.

I’m still surprised this has not been talked about enough, considering that this alone could improve Matchmaking so much, and would make the game more satisfying overall (since you are not being rewarded the same as your teammate the bot walker that can’t get a kill for the love of god)

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