Take cover or die medals

What must I do to get obliterator to unlock? It’s sitting at 4/5 and I’ve done bot matches, ranked and unranked with no deaths and 5+ kills and still nothing…

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Get a Quint-ribbon. 5 Kills within 5 Seconds of the last kill.

Yeah what Herr said it’s really dumb how they set that challenge you need to get get a quint for the last part of the challenge. Took awhile for me to get but was finally able to in a v ai koth match I waited close to the spawn with a frag picked up three then gnashered the other two.


I’ve been stuck at 4/5 since day 1 of Operation 5. Have gotten about a dozen or so Lead by Example ribbons (5 KILLS as leader) and multiple flawless games.

A fix would be nice, although they are resetting the medals next week so I doubt itll happen.

Edit: really? The last one has to be a quint? Lol ok. I’ll try and get that in my next 3v1 guardian match.

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Well, it worked. A quint did it. But man was it annoying competing with randoms for those bot kills. I had to boom 3 and gnasher the other 2.

Holy crap, same here… Just figured it’s bugged and don’t really care anymore haha.

Got info though, thank you all

Even though someone told me as well about a month ago, it’s ridiculous that I had to come to a forum to find out that I had to get a Quint to get past 4/5. Put that in the game. I was wondering for the longest back then why I had nemesis streaks on the same person even and never got past 4/5.

Little things like that annoy me in what should be a AAA game. I never even bothered to get a Quint even though I know I could easily just get it in a Versus A.I. match.