Take away from tonights Dev Stream

Glad it works for some then. :slightly_smiling_face:

If they can’t seem to find a fix then they should just award it to anyone who has progress on the achievement. It would only be fair since it is on TC’s end

That would be nice. I finished the weekend before last and I am still waiting.

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Likewise, I’m now 11 days since I was due Gilded RAAM…

It would have been nice to use him before you’re fighting alongside another 4.


I’m starting to see him pop up more, but I also know that the challenges worked at first. Guess we just keep waiting.:roll_eyes:

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I know, same. I got to 88% then had a busy couple of days. Stopping to do things outside Sera was my mistake :joy:

Damn you, life.


Since the first weekend I’ve not played a match without seeing the black phantoms at the very least, myself excluded.

I know. I’ve been playing 2v2 recently for the “I’ve Got Your Back Like A Butt-Crack” achievement, which is torture, and have seen the Black Phantom skin in nearly every match from different people.

…it’s annoying.


Lol. I swear that the majority of players I’ve played with and against have those cursed phantom skins


I made sure I didn’t unlock them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I don’t no if that’s something to brag about exactly…

Not bragging, just saying :+1:

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There’s a pretty small population of people who actually ask intelligent questions during the Dev streams. Most people seem to just want to ask questions about stuff TC will not comment on. They usually say the disclaimer at the beginning of the stream so it’s understandable that people will miss it, but in case you never heard:

  1. TC will not comment on upcoming games. Period. They’ll confirm basic stuff, like what’s already been approved for release (like the fact that Gears 5 is launching this year). But other than that they will not say anything else, so asking questions about it is just wasting people’s time and bogging down real questions that may be answered.
  2. The community team will not comment on upcoming content for the current game (or returning content). This mostly applies to Gear packs, which is pretty much over for Gears 4. But for instance if you were asking for news about upcoming Gears packs or ‘when will fill-in-the-blank’ Gear pack return then TC will not answer those questions. An important distinction is that they will take feedback on what people want to return, as in when people just state something like ‘Bring back the Thrashball Cole pack please!’, then TC will sometimes read it out and acknowledge it, adding to their list since it’s not a question.
  3. Remember, these are the community managers. While some have had previous experience in creating games at other studios (coding), TC Octus, Vectes, and Dana are not programmers at TC. They are the community managers so their knowledge/answers may not be 100% accurate though they try. The real trick is to wait until they bring on a guest like last week who actually IS a programmer (last week was the Versus manager) so they will be able to answer technical questions.

I usually get all my questions answered, or at least read out. It helps if you tag TC in your question since it makes it ping up on their screen (stand out more). Hope this helps, I do hope TC continues the Dev Streams. Free skins are always nice, and it’s nice to get some direct feedback into the studio sometimes, especially when you’re not sure if what you’re posting on the forums or other social media are actually getting through to them (see the Lambent debacle).


Lol thanks for sharing yo, I didn’t get a chance to watch it. I’m still having issues with the RAAM challenge. My game won’t register completion on hardcore difficulty so I can’t unlock the achievement. No matter how many times I beat it one chapter still reads normal.
Welp, I have a thread going if anyone else is having this issue:

Amazed that they are speechless when it comes to the inconsistent grenades. that is such a pain. I have thrown them at their feet and they can eat it. While if you throw the flames on them they just bathe in it and walk out easy. Also hate when the detonation distance is like the whole map. you can run by it and hop over cover and still get killed. By the same notion seen people just run by them and detonate them and go unharmed. Its ridiculous.

Its crazy. When they got around to the question they were like “ahhh what do you mean inconsistency? what grenades are you talking about?” But I dont know what I hate more now a days is the inconsistency or the magical 3rd grenade

lolol. wow thats kinda a ■■■■ move just acting like they dont notice that at all.that sucks.

No surprise. They act like theres no problems in this game even with all the video evidence.

You wanna talk about grenades? Let me tell you about grenades with this: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/lildog-jim/video/73197101

keep it classy gears lol