Take a look at GOW2 and GOW4 Matchmaking for a minute

In the past I use to complain about going up against 5 man stacked parties here and there on GOW2. Simply put, I was wrong to complain about this. It is a great challenge to try and take them down with a team of randoms or if you get matched with a 4 man stack for example. It’s part of the game to once and a while go up against a team of call out giving, strat running players that expect to never lose. It is a low life thing to do, to stack 5 good players together and play randoms most of the time. But i guess they can get into a weird esports match once and a while if that’s the type of thing you like, two 5 man stacks against each other.

I call it weird because the best type of gaming experience on GOW games comes when not everybody is running strats and giving call outs. It doesn’t matter if a couple people are doing call outs and running mini strats; it just gets stupid when one or both teams are communicating fully. Due to the camping and deadlocks; and lack of imagination. Or due to no challenge if it’s a 5 man vs randoms.

During the morning/noon, I occasionally hop on GOW4 because GOW2 guardian doesn’t start up until 4pm most days. And hot damn, the matchmaking and ranking system has gone to ■■■■. I have just been playing tdm mainly,

This season I started out as Onyx 1 or 2 after 5 placement matches, now I am all the way down to silver 2 i think. Even though I get match mvp alot and win more than I lose, playing alone or with one friend who I do not require to be a beast player at that. Now i get matched against bronze 0 players all the time. I mean the games are close and fine, but I actually miss going up against 5 man stacks once and a while. Or at least getting to play against some diamonds. I use to be a diamond in tdm playing solo a certain season ago. Now that was a better ranking system. Revert back to that plez. New bronze city is off putting and sad. Games are all the same. Well not really, sometimes I or my team beast hard on these bronzes. I think its rare that my teams gets absolutely crushed though, now that i think about it, weird…

Gears 2 matchmaking is slow sometimes (meaning probably enough people are searching; but not finding each other quickly; although this is probably so that you don’t play the same people over and over again everytime lol). Gears 2 matchmaking gives you a variety of matches.

Anywho, how bout Gears 5? I don’t play that game because aiming and inputs feel off. GOW2 has instant inputs and GOW4 is close enough. I know people like landan2006 think gow2 snipe is a block of wood, but if you know how to work the invisible movement bloom and recoil. Best and most skilled snipe in all gow games. And bloom should always be invisible so you can aim where you want to aim, and shoot when bloom is inactive.

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