Take a guess: When will we get the "Make it rain"-emote?

If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, check the achievement-picture for “Eyes on Target”.

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First guess: At some point in the future
Second guess: Never.

I think that covers it, excluding time travel.


can we get an emote of clayton holding up a platter of bacon and eating it?

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Ah come on! Players are just going to do this every time I am downed. SERIOUSLY!

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They should also make a strip tease emote and then have a group emote!

Op 75.

In all seriousness, I expect it to take a good while to arrive, if ever. Wouldn’t be the first time TC used something for a picture that isn’t a thing in the actual game(note the differing appearances of the Swarm Drone Elite from Gears 4 that still isn’t here, or various pictures depicting Swarm units with weapons they don’t even hold in-game).

Unless you mean the one where the down gives you the fingers before getting shot, which already exists but was an Op 2 or 3 unlock iirc.