Tai kaliso versus (tortured)

Can we get a Tai Kaliso but its him when he was tortured? And then a zombie but the tortured one would be so cool to see in game anyone else agree??

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This had been brought up before and I cant remember the outcome but i think a bunch of people here didn’t want the tortured version of him

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Ah really that’s a little sad. So much character and respect for him. Was my favorite character. Sorry if this was reposted should have checked.

Dont think it was a thread tbh but I do remember seeing it before a few days maybe a week ago

Yea just something I have been thinking a long time ago never really said anything. But it would be revenge for tai if you get my drift.

I’m all for it but personally I wouldn’t use it…I haven’t changed from Griffin since i got him

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Ahh yea I missed it but it would just be something diffrent.

i think a bunch of people here didn’t want the tortured version of him

To be fair, a bunch of people didn’t want or ask for the Helmetless UIR either but that didn’t stop TC releasing them either! :smiley:

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There was indeed a discussion thread. Lucky I have the link, since apparently I have no life outside the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but was there a discussion asking for helmetless UIR?

Well all I know is it would be very cool to see and something different in the game. If it does not happen then oh well but will be a little mad.

To be fair no not to the best of my knowledge. I’m pretty sure that if there was virtually no one would want it though! If only TC had consulted us “Hey guys! So… Helmetless UIR character skins…?” :wink: