Tai character versions for gears 5

If they bring Tai to gears 5 they should brkng the version from gears 2 right before he shoots himself

Think it would cut too close to a zombie character.

if you want to play as beat up barely living things you may enjoy the locust side a bit more.

in terms of tai variants i think his jungle version from the comics would be cool

The GoW Judgement one! That Tai was sick

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I’d rather see his Gears 2 version. With a big shoulder plate / pad.


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How about the version just after he shoots himself?

Big fan of tai,if they could bring him back when he was in( GOW judgement)was a great character.

Jungle Tai!

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Tai has always been that version. The coloration changed but it’s still the same armor and obviously it doesn’t have the shoulder plate. Just as Speaker doesnt have his boomshield on his back, I’m wondering if there’s a development related reason for this. Hitboxes maybe? I’d like to see characters in mp as is.

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