Tagging woes (horde)

Anyone having tagging issues? I haven’t been able to tag enemies for about a week and it’s one of those things that you just don’t realize how much you use it til it’s gone.
At first I thought my thumbstick crapped out but it worked fine on other games and when typing a message (to capitalize). I also tested with two other controllers and I just can’t tag anything.
I’ve defaulted my config, tried changing my config. Nothing works. Any advice before I sUbMiT a tIcKeT

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Have you fully checked your controller mapping section in the options menu? It’s actually fairly common to accidentally remap the thumbstick.

Pause the game, go to “options”, and scroll down to the bottom to “control remapping”.


God bless you.
I’ve never messed with my controls before, on any game, whatsoever…so I never even looked at something like control remapping. Thanks a ton.

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Its especially handy escape when u want to spot one of those pesky hunters thats right in front of u but all u can spot is the claw that u cant even see.

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Even more so when u get one of them idiot hosts who like to constantly pause the game.