TACTICS should also come to Xbox

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And for years I been seeing article about consoles play is dying.

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You sure about that?

83 Million PS4’s Sold.
40 Million Xbox One’s Sold
21 Million Switch’s Sold

Console gaming dying?

You high bro?

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Numbers aren’t that good compared to what they were and I’m talking about the numbers on the Xbox one x aka scorpio you know when I said the NEW X BOX not the one that been out for 10years

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And go back and read it right Mr. I buy everything. Will tatics come to consoles? Read the whole post not respond two months later and glance at what everyone wrote.

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Just a quick reminder to be good to each other.

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I thought I worded it good enough from his comment that I was high. If my statement was false they would of never made so many movies and comedy skits about it. Lol Austin powers?

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Xbox won’t be going anywhere.

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I see it happening once KB/M is added.
Fortnite is getting kb/m support on the Xbox, this style of game is ideal for KB/M.
So hopefully this is a timed exclusive.
Here’s to hoping a collectors copy of GoW5 includes free ports of Tactics and Pop to Xbox One.
Pop would work on console too. There’s many mobile titles that are on X1 like Fallout Shelter, Peggle Nights, Angry Birds etc.

(GhostofDelta2) #94

I’m fine with it going to Xbone, but after 6 months to a year post launch so the initial game isn’t toned down or dev time split.