TACTICS should also come to Xbox

(TavaresBR94) #62

There is no xbox one x exclusives

(GhostofDelta2) #63

Not yet. However MS isn’t going to support that console forever.

(SmokeTastyBuds) #64

Delta speaks some pretty wise words, currently games are simply being enhanced for the X, soon they will be designed for the X and watered down for the OG.
Then when the X2 or Xs, or whatever the hell ms call it, drops, the OG X BONE will be rendered obsolete.

(TavaresBR94) #65

I think they will until next generation is released. I imagine sth like “Gears 6” on xbox 2 and xbox one x (but a inferior version of course).

Just to conclude, Gears Tatics will not be a next generation title (at maximum cross gen), so I dont see it as a possible xbox one x exclusive

(TavaresBR94) #66

I understand your point, but lets be honest: If MS and TC want to make a great PC experience, they dont need to focus only on it. MS should give them the resources to make both platforms experiences good. I think that is what we (gears fans) should ask for.

(superjas) #67

Another vote here for Tactics and Pop on xbox. Why should any other platform get a gears exclusive over the Xbox when it’s us paying for gold. I want to play both in the platform of my choice. Come on TC and MS sort it out guys give us xbox gamers the option, we are the community paying your wages

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #68

Completely agree when It was announced only for PC I was disappointed, why would a Gears game only be on PC… Gears is a Xbox franchise… you wanna put it on PC fine but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on Xbox as well, what a dumb decision

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #69

People really are complaining the Pop game isn’t on Xbox…it’s a phone game which practically 99% of people have

(FrienofthedeviL) #70

I was joking man I ain’t a flower and ain’t gonna play gears pop man I wasn’t born in 2002

(Skelface) #71

The game is tailored for PC first and foremost, The Coalition didn’t say it’s a locked exclusive.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult to adapt the control scheme for controllers. That’s probably why it’s not officially announced for now.

(Vanda1) #72

just get a pc are you serious right now you look like you have pockets long enough to get you a pc. it’s not that serious. xbox is probably going to die out after the next system. people are figuring out that pc is better. you haven’t even seen any real time gameplay . there are probably so many functions it can’t be played well on xbox. and it probably wouldnt run well. it needs a better gpu. I wouldnt want any games coming out on xbox. thats why on 360 so many games came out all the time new games all the freakin time. nowadays all you get is indie games in the xbox store. why? because pc is better. the community is growing. all the peripherals are a far better upgrade than anything you can get on xbox. so why would you even release a title on the xbox. it wont play well at all. leave it on pc. if you can’t get it you don’t deserve it.

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #73

i got th x iit was a great decision… regardless ill be getting the next xbox on day one. im ready for the next xbox already tbh im sure this will port over to the x.

(edtk13) #74

They probably will

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #75

For some reason I think Microsoft will be ditching consoles in a few years and let it die out, I hope not but from what I read they always say console play is dying. Don’t happen to know how the new Xbox done in sales?

(billfenrir) #76

There would be so much potential to make tactics like xcom. For those who played xcom if any first 3rd person shooter could pull this off it would be the Gears series. Having up to six gears on a team using the horde class system. You also have the cover feature that would be amazing and would work with traditional gears. The multiplayer would be insane. 2v2 co op with 4 characters for each gamer. It would give us a reason to have the kryll again. even making horde for this type a game would be amazing on xbox and pc. (xbox preferably)… You would actually have to communicate with team mates or even doing a free for all would be so epic and I love this. Considering there might be others who don’t wont to play battle royal type games like Fortnite anymore.

(billfenrir) #77

I want it for both. Pc might be better but there are games I refuse to play on pc because how fast the community would manipulate. I enjoyed starcraft and diablo but there were games I didn’t enjoy like fable or assassins creed. Mainly due to destroying my keys on my keyboards and controllers not working smoothly. To add to this if it was like xcom they would mae their money back and it would bring other fans to the community.

(Andrinho7x) #78

After the big disappointment I had with Gears 4 I will never buy nor play Gears 5 but I’d really like to try something different like Gears Tactics. Unfortunately I only play on the One so please publish the game on console as well.

(PorkbumTheBrave) #79

Well with the recent announcment of keyboard and mouse support it would make even more sense for this to available on the xbox as well.

(III EnVii III) #80

What are you even talking about?

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #81

Pretty self explanatory if you go read people post