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TACTICS should also come to Xbox

(rafoca) #1

I couldn’t believe when it was announced to PC only. Come on, guys. Xcom is on Xbox and Gears is an Xbox franchise.

Would love that game on Xbox and with coop, similar to Pit People’s


Nah not me…at least to me is doesn’t looking appealing

(lxl ZiLTOiD lxl) #3

Yea I agree. I can’t imagine why they would make a Gears game that doesn’t play on the xbox.

(DarkChaoz95) #4

But Gears is made on a pc though.

Playing Gears pc is as much relevant as playing on xbox. Either way, perhaps the Pc version is a timed platform exclusive.

Also I’m sure they are able to compile it for Xbox one at a later date since Unreal a engine 4 seems to able to target multiple platform’s.

(truMota) #5

Coalition what in the world were u thinking to think Xbox gamers wouldn’t want this game. I am a big fan of xcom games as well and when I saw a turn based strategy game from a series I have been playing for almost 12 years now. My eyeballs literally turned into hearts now they r 2 big fat tears. What was all that nonsense Microsoft have been preaching about bringing gamers together. Playing the games u want on the platform of yr choice. I’m a Xbox gamer and Now u r telling me I have to go out and pay hundreds of dollars that I don’t have for a platform that I don’t want to play a game that made my eyeballs turn to hearts. UNACCEPTABLE!!! >:(

(l Hagen l) #6

PC only? Why would you do that?

Gears Tactics was my “wow” moment during the Xbox show. As a gears and xcom fan I always wondered why nobody just adds some gears skins into xcom. A turn based tactic game perfectly fits a cover based shooter. Man I was hype. Until I saw the bad news. PC only.

Come on, seriously, why?

Can’t be the controls because I am playing games like Xcom, Mordheim, Cities, Tropico and Halo freaking Wars just fine on my gamepad.

Please bring it to Xbox

Imagine playing a tactic pvp game on one of the classic maps. This could be a real eSports game right here…

(TC Vectes) #7

Hi guys,

Thanks for your passion for the game. We were excited to share the news at E3. With Gears Tactics, our focus is on building a true Gears PC experience that fans have been asking for.

Stay tuned for more details about the game when we are ready to share them. Thanks!

(ThatJackalhead) #8

I’ll get it if it has an offline bot mode in which I can play as the locusts. I’m not a huge fan of the COG at all.

(alm0stninja) #9

I agree, I think we should be very vocal about this. What it says to me is that MS and the coalition are more committed to PC than Xbox and it sets a precedent. If it succeeds who know what future games will go straight to PC. It should be play anywhere and multi-platform, Not PC only. I have been a gears fan for years and am very annoyed by this choice. The gears community needs to rally together and be vocal about their disapporval.

(l Hagen l) #10

“I want a gears game and I want it to be PC exclusive” said literally no one ever. And if there was someone saying this, why would you listen to him/her?

(alm0stninja) #11

It is a terrible move and should be play anywhere. You will not get my support on this unless you develop it for both platforms.

(iguanadude626) #12

yeah release it as play anywhere title. I will confirm buy it digitally day one. just want the convenient of playing it either on pc or xbox one.

(GhostofDelta2) #13

I am very happy for a PC exclusive, though if it can be on Xbox without compromising any of the quality I won’t have any issue.

I do wonder if it will eventually come to Xbox One X and be a timed PC exclusive so that way they dont have to downgrade anything for the old Xbox One hardware.

(Duffman GB) #14

If I were a betting man I would say it will end up on Xbox at somepoint.

(alm0stninja) #15

Do you think it will be a Launch title for the next xbox maybe? With Xbox X supported as well and original xbox one phased out?

(GhostofDelta2) #16


(DarkChaoz95) #17

Honestly, xbox players are kind of hypocritical.

  • they don’t want to play with pc players if it’s cross play and on on two platforms yet they want a game designed for pc only to come on xbox.

(Circa Darkrage) #18

I would like to see this, similar to like Halo Wars 2 was.

I wouldn’t imagine that TC would release this on PC only, and full price unless it has a lot of content. Otherwise it would be a bad business decision.

(DarkChaoz95) #19

TC can release the game on xbix later down the line as Unreal engine can deploy to multiple platforms simultaniously.

At the very least there should be limited time platform exclusivity before it even remotely comes to xbox.

(Circa Darkrage) #20

Yeah. This would mean that the costs for the Xbox port wouldn’t be very high.

If TC and MS are thinking about profits, then it will go to the Xbox. If they are thinking about building a PC community, then they would only release it on PC.

I will enjoy playing this game in my spare time at Uni.