Tactician : opinion on the way to be played

Last horde frenzy on harbor I choose tactician to play with. But I tuned it hybrid with discipline card to make some testing (incon difficulty). There was a demolition so I thought it should be ok and I could contribute at the beginning relying on my hammer burst during the first waves.
It was ok. I carried my weight and got some kills without spamming boom. I mixed with some grenades to get back my ult faster.
On wave 4 I stored a free salvo on weapon locker in case of. But I prefered relyING on my boom, frag and HB.
Everything was going well but beginning of wave 5 or 6 someone put the salvo at my feet !

Do you think it is still the only way (same question with GL) ?
I am convinced not and I found that it is less efficient than using boom and dropshot or torque.
I am not interested in being MVP and find it funnier (btw you have faster movement without salvo).

I succeed in having my ultimate every 1.5 wave (mean value) and i think it was enough for the team. On the last wave I stopped the snatcher with the salvo and my ult to avoid any possible wipe but again i think it is not the only possible way.

I saw some recent posts on tactician and his ballistic abilities and it seems that some are also playing him with an hybrid build with some success (good for escape as well).


Find what suits your play style and stick to it.


There is only one thing I absolutely despice of Tacticians: Spamming GLs

Besides that most of them are hitting jack-s*** and shooting them around the map, the annoying “WEEEEEEEEW” noise drives me nuts (hence why we started banning them when looking for randoms).

I personally don’t mind if they use the Salvo or Boomshot but I found the most efficient and least annoying would be Boomshot or Dropshot depending on how close they are. Salvoes didn’t seem as efficient in my opinion.

However, you can run with Disciplined. It actually works pretty well too, I tend however to use the Ultimate as a supportive matter (Healing Resupply, Resupply Amplifier, Resupply Duration) and stack it with Shredder and Recharge Bounty usually.

If you have a Demo with Spotter Support, feel free to go full close-combat with flash grenades and use the Ultimate to keep yourselves alive stacked with Interrogation. A completely new way of playing, relies on the Demo though (with Confirmed Kill, the Demo has his Ult at least once per wave). We tried it on Vasgar and it was quite some fun.


HB is better in Escape, not Horde. If there is -90% explosive / bleed damage or heads up modifier, HB becomes better to use. Explosives seem better in Horde. If there was no Executions Rules, HB seems okay and can kill DBNO enemies. If there was -90% explosive / bleed and execution rules on, I tend to use HB + EMBAR. The EMBAR can finish off DBNO enemies from distance.

I haven’t tried Disciplined + GL, but you can try that if you like. That way, you would have stronger GL bullets and explosives.

I have done “hybrid”, but only when Execution Rules are off so HB can at least finish enemies off. Then when I used Resupply, that was when I switched to GL to fire off rockets. And alternating.

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Demos when it was JD insisting to spam their stupid GL everywhere was why I hated the role in Op 1/2/3. The repeated spamming noise would really get on my nerves and is way too loud(which may be worse for me as apparently my hearing is more sensitive than that of the common human - I can stand the GL if used within reasonable limits, spamming, not so much). Not to mention the extreme boredom of it. Only time I ever did any such thing myself was on Overload runs while getting classes to level 20 so that I could get that over and done with. I don’t really use the explosive classes which rely primarily on bleed for damage in Horde. That is to say, Demo and Tactician, but I also have little interest in a Hammerburst build for the latter.


Thanks for all your replies.
Yes many alternative ways to play him depending on mutators (exec rules or reflective shell …)

Using the torque bow SEEMS not so popular and I wonder why. My personal preference over dropshot because easier to use (I admire people who are mastering dropshot and can land it on flying enemies …)

Dropshot can be free and TB not so often. Except that it seems for me better in many situations.
Of course it needs to be verified with figures (I have not the damage output comparison and this why I ask to specialists)

Boomshot and Dropshot require less precise aiming and cause a larger AOE, that’s the only reason.

Also TB headshots apply no bleeding.

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Thanks ok. That explains why I do not see so many tactician with a TB in horde …
It was just a matter of feeling but I will try to improve my dropshot accuracy

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Feel free to try it out. I just recommend having the host on your side. Some of them may be picky and kick you if they see you trying that since it’s something not commonly used. :wink:

It’s probably because we don’t start with them except Gunner and Boomshot + GL seems to do higher damage.

I have used Torque Bow + Dropshot with Demo and Tactician before. In previous Operations, Tactician’s Explosive Ammo Regen didn’t work on Lancer GL rockets. So people used to use either Boomshot, Torque Bow, Dropshot or Salvo. Now, GL rockets recharge with Resupply so people use Boomshot + GL more often now.

The real strength of T-Bow seems to be long ranged accuracy, almost sniper-like and instant sticking into targets from far away, that would take normal explosive rounds a few seconds or potentially miss. And the headshot damage seeming high. Tactician doesn’t have Critical Damage perk for T-Bow headshots but Demo does. I also do know that Dropshot has bigger area of effect explosion than Boomshot, according to Reddit.

Before, if you had Speed Loader, you could tap RT with Dropshot and it would have fired off 20+ rounds before Ultimate finished, doing high damage in close range. When I tried T-Bow with Speed Loader, not every arrow was perfect active reloaded which seemed to be a bug. And I don’t think many have use for Torque Bow, except that you have most explosive ammunition than other explosive weapons excluding Salvo.

About Dropshot being free and T-Bow not so much, I think you’re referring to enemies that drop them. In normal Horde 1-50, there is three different wave sets. DB, Juvie / Imago and Leech / HB. Dropshot Scion appears around Wave 4-6 of Juvie / Imago waves. The Elite Hunter with Torque Bow appears on Wave 8-10 of Leech / HB Drone waves. In Frenzy, the Elite Hunters may appears around Wave 8-12 which seems too late, while Dropshot Scion could appear around Wave 3+ onwards,

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I know Torque Bow headshot didn’t apply bleed before, which is why I sometimes aimed for the body but lately, recently, I noticed that Demolitions’ headshot applied bleed on enemies when I played 1-50 Vasgar.

Perfectly right : i have been kicked out one time after some knifes attacks which I did not understand.
Now I have the explanation …

I usually play on frenzy (available time). And to be fair I give first some money before buying a TB.

After all your explanations I will adapt to be more efficient when playing tactician.

This forum is really helpful and contributes massively to make this game enjoyable for ‘new comers’ or at least not pure Veteran (the learning curve is so high for casual players to be efficient at PVE horde and escape)

It has to be said again. So thanks to everyone here.

It may have hit a wall behind them and exploded to cause bleed.

Can also kill a Scion in one single hit from the explosive bleed upon a direct hit/headshot, at least in Escape. So I presume the same goes for Horde until the 2x health poison comes into play. I would recommend it over the Torque Bow if you keep a few of them on a locker, personally. And if you don’t mind dealing with only having 4 shots per and are good at landing hits directly.

Spamming of the Drop just can be a lot of fun if the enemies are nearby. :slight_smile:

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I guess, but I haven’t played with Dropshot spamming myself.


Both of you are very respectful posters in my time of using this forums and I appreciate the postive feedback almost all the time. With that said I kind of have to disagree far as this annoyance goes. At the end of the day its to each their own so I can’t tell you what to be annoyed by but if the Tact or Demo is actually slaying and pulling their weight then I personally am okay with it.

The rocket sounds can be a bit tedious but to ban someone from the lobby for this just comes off as really nitpicky for me especially if it isn’t affecting my gameplay. I’ll say it again though, everyone has their own opinion, even more so if its a custom lobby so you can ban whatever you want. Me personally enjoying the GL would be a little sad to get booted from using it.

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I won’t kick anyone for the sound itself and very rarely run into any sort of spammer these days. If anything I dislike one player doing everything more because I play for fun and it’s extremely boring when I sit around with nothing much to do.


Well if we host, we can decide what we want and our description usually comes with “No Tac, Demo, Vet” (sometimes Marksman too). They’re all classes that make the Horde straight up boring for us. If people join with those classes we kick them respectively.

Tactician and Demolitionst can be played without the GL and still carry the game. We’re just annoyed by the weapon itself, hence why we don’t want the classes in our lobbies.

Veteran can easily snipe everything as well as the Marksman which is why we tend to not have those either.

Don’t get me wrong, occasionally we still play with them or allow them. It’s no disrespect to the players who like 'em. We just had enough of them for the moment. :slight_smile:

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Setups are always different depending on rather you’re playing with friends or randoms.

I can’t stress how underrated, and underutilized, the Dropshot is in Horde. I’ll use it over Boom and Salvo (which I never use) any day. Especially having Speed Reloader equipped; you can spam Dropshot as fast as you can press the button. Constant AOE damage and stun causes havoc.

As long as you have Explosive Resupply maxed you never need a weapon locker.