Tac Com Sees Enemy Planted Grenades

Why is it that the taxc com can see the enemies planted grenades. What the point of being able to plant grenades in vs if the enemy tac com can see it.
Can you please fix it where they can’t see it?


This is an intended function of the tac com in Gears 5

Apparently, this is true. I heard this somewhere before.

In Gears 4, you could see enemy grenades, but only if nothing was blocking them.

Intended it may be, but I never agreed with it… that’s why I rarely die from them, should be happy for that but really it’s a flaw in my eyes.

We should only see our own teams, as such a few times I have intentionally lead an opponent chasing me into a teammates nade I knew was planted, but being able to see the enemy’s planted nade just defeats the purpose imo.


But at least the enemy’s were grey in 4, so 1 you could look over them easier, and 2 you knew if it was safe or not… now they’re all white so it’s a guessing game and better off just avoiding them all together unless you are 100% certain your teammate put it there.


That’s what i was wondering, thank you… So there is no visual difference,

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No problem.

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Its not a “function” but a bug that as Ryan said they liked and kept

I know this because I asked Ryan why this was a thing and thats the stupid answer I got from him


Wow lol I don’t like it, it defeats the purpose like I said, at least have the opponent’s grey like on 4, so not only do we know if it’s safe or not, but you can accidentally overlook the grey easier than the white.

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Yup, to reward ppl for using tacky-com FFS

Its stupid

How about rewarding ppl for well placed nades?


On another note, People don’t seem to think about their taccom when going for a TD on Gridiron though, as planting in the endzone still has a high success rate lol.

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Well…they will now :yum:

Na in 4 it had to be on your screen before it was noticeable on tac com

Its a stupid bug in 5 that needs to be removed

My biggest issue with planted frags @Saber_Skywalker in 5 is that they are easy to survive because of the delay they have before actually going off even if you dont see them in tac com


Yea the delay is also stupid AF

just another lil change to appease the new blood they wanted I’m sure, it’s no fun just running into planted frags so we’ll make it easy on em, God forbid they actually learn how to play instead :rofl::rofl:

It’s a very dumb bug, but TBH it makes the lameness of tagging grenades somewhat tolerable.
So no complaints from me.

Yea, but it was still grey when you did see it, that was the difference. It was also how you knew the difference between friendly nade and an enemy’s

Just remove planted nades altogether. Stupid mechanic.


You can tell the difference between friendly and enemy grenade plants in Friends are all white in tac com while enemies are black with a white outline

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This is why you make the big bucks.


On 4 lol they’ve all been white on 5, unless they changed it recently.