T.C. Please add this back to engineers and to Jack

Now i don’t know if this is being worked on maybe i just don’t pay enough attention to the forums but please can you bring back the animations for the advanced weapon lockers and use them on anyone who is using the cards that improve them. The other thing is can you please add it to Jack when someone’s using the Portable Resupply Skill as i hate not being able to see how much ammo is in the weapon that he’s currently holding, especially if you’re not scrapping it. Another thing that i would love Jack to have is a card or the ability to see all the weapons laying around easier. Maybe map it to the tac com(LB on Xbox) Just a couple of things I’d really love to see in the game to make it that much more enjoyable. Thanks.

The SwEeTnEsS AKA: Sweettooth22 baby!