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T.c. need info about the new movement and more?

I see the. " new" movement update.
What i dont understand is what exactly was it before??

Can we get some numbers for comparison?
Bascially is it going to be faster or slower. And more importantly. Is it going to be smoother.

And also. The gnasher. I see you talk about bullet magnetism going to 6 from 8.
Is tht same magnetism tht exsist in comp. Example - 2 v 2 , escalation and execution?

Can WE get a INSIDE THE GEARS MACHINE VIDEO PLEASE So you can go into greater detail about the gnasher and movement.
Your giving us numbers for somethings but not for others , so its hard to make a judgment on what we are going to like or not like.
For the most part. On paper. It looks hopeful. But i am not happy about the 6 clip staying and not changing it back to 8 for the gnasher.

I do like the 150 poke instead of the 200

I think it should be dropped more
But hey. Its better than 200. I do know that

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