T.C. lets talk about the 6 CLIP GNASHER

What I like about the lancer is that looks plausible. If for some reason our troops needed something on their rifle to cut things that looks like we could pull it off. It’s sci fi but not too fi.
Also I wouldn’t add real gun logic to video games. They just don’t line up.

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Sorry but I believe teamwork should overpower anyone whose charging in by themselves vs 3 other players, no matter how good, that’s just bad design in my opinion


The two stroke motor tech must be miles beyond our own, on sera :stuck_out_tongue: In our world we would need that motor and a fuel tank to rip through grubs.

Well they have immulsion which is an amazing fuel source. There’s a lot of stuff we could make in real life but we dont have a power source that’s small enough to generate enough juice to run the thing.

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It was a response to the person trying to apply gun logic to the Gnasher.

Make the gnasher 8 rounds again and have the active be like it was in the original trilogy.

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Gears 2 n 3 had tht. And i think gears 1 also.


Reading comprehension’s not a strength of yours, is it?
You are trying to insult them by reinforcing their point? They were addressing the problem with OP’s terminology.

Shotgun shells typically go into a tube/channel under the barrel unless it’s something like a Saiga with a detachable box or drum magazine. I can only think of a few WW2 era guns off hand that even use stripper-clips.

My reading comprehension is fine, thanks for your concern. One bullet goes in a chamber not 8 as OP said so maybe you ought to try re-reading friend.

But THIS is a video game , you know this, right?

Ya know, switching between an ar style rifle and a shotgun in a matter of a half a second that both stay attached to your back but neither the gun nor your back has any type of attachment to hold the gun really doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Neither does it make sense for any male or female to actually physically rip arms and heads off of bodies in a matter of a second.
Again, regards firearm knowledge and staying accurate, pray tell what piece of explosive artillery is the “dropshot” an actual representation of? We got a lot of modifief mining equipment here on earth that fires an explosive round?
Have you seen a lot of robot soldietrs running around lately?
Where do I get me one of those “breaker mace”.
Cmon man, think b4 you write. Nothing about most video games make much of any kind of sense.


i left playing this game for various reasons, but the 6 shot gnasher was a heavy hitter on my decision. forget going into close infights, you will be out of breath fast (if youre lucky enough to survive the enemy oneshots).

6 rounds is NOT the real problem… That would be the active reload to get those 6 rounds besides failing. Get rid of that

Just because video games take liberties with gameplay and graphics doesn’t mean all sim aspects and immersion are thrown out the window. There doesn’t need to be a real-life counterpart to every weapon. Videogames are about bringing ideas to life, and that involves combining real life sim aspects with creative info that’s been made up.

There’s also a thing called head cannon that every player has to an extent. My theory about your issue with guns mounted on their backs is: Magnets in the armor. Now come up with some of your own.

You act like you don’t know what science fiction is. Fictional ideas and info based on real scientific data. c’mon man, think before you write.

I am absolutely behind the idea of making this an 8 clip gnasher. I am tired of TC trying to make this game their own by adding their own little flairs that no one asked for just to put a TC label on it. It would be great if @TC_Octus could let us know how likely this is to happen?

@ParallelFir3168 I was only responding to a guy that had a problem with the gnasher having 8 shots in it b/c , " for anyone that has any firearm knowledge, 8 clip in the chamber literally makes no sense". Ironically. I’m in agreement w you @ParallelFir3168. That is one aspect of video games that I love b/c, “if you use your imagination just a little bit, anything makes sense”. So here is mine. …“Having an 8 clip gnasher is a nod to the # of Gears games in the series.”

Gears of War Video Game Series

  • Gears Tactics. Strategy 2020. …
  • Gears 5. Action 10 September 2019. …
  • Gears POP! Strategy 22 August 2019. …
  • Gears of War 4. Action 11 October 2016. …
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Action 25 August 2015. …
  • Gears of War: Judgment. Action 19 March 2013. …
  • Gears of War 3. Action 20 September 2011. …
  • Gears of War Triple Pack. Action 15 February 2011

ur ugly and get off gears 5

I love the line of reasoning that gets applied to threads like these.

“It’s hard to win a 3v1 with only 6 shots!”

Hmm, golly gee, if you die in a 3v1 it’s probably not from a lack of ammo.

Also “6 clip”. It’s bad enough when people say “Gnasher bullets” but good god this is the worst one I’ve seen so far.

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here’s a suggestion

let the players ■■■■ around with this stuff in player hosted matches as a starting point

  • weapon ammo counts
  • player counts
  • mode changes

basically, allow us to mess around as much as the dev team does with the special Events.

This is my one thought throughout this post. The gansher is already the strongest weapon.

A better solution would be to increase the active bar reload count to 4, but leave the max at 6.

I just want to comment on something else.

If the clip did increase to 8, why would you get 6 for active bar reload count? That makes zero sense, and shows that people want to be able to forget reloading and run gnasher trains.

It would make far more sense, and be more logical if it reloaded 4, with a clip of 8 max.

They want you to reload on the go, start remembering to do that mid fight.

Also in my opinion, a lower clip is less noob friendly, and a higher one is more noob friendly.