T-800 & Deebee Audio Similarities

So, I’ve always had an issue with the T-800 skins since their release. Mainly because they are slender characters that blend into a variety of backgrounds. Aside from that, they don’t have any voice lines which serve as a major audio clue for locating enemies. One could argue that they have the robotic footstep audio to be identified, but that water has been muddied now as well. With the introduction of the DeeBee on COG teams, the audio is identical between friendlies and hostiles. Additionally, TC is aware of the advantage T-800s have because they’ve been banned in their precious E-League.

It’s time to slap some audio cues on these T-800s and distinctively alter their footstep audio to be different from the DeeBee, similar to how Swarm and COG footstep audio is setup.


Gets even worse in Guardian. Am I hearing Deebee, Terminator, or Jinn bot? A quick use of tac-com will reveal the answer, but even so that short amount of time can lead to your death.

I made this exact thread once I found out they had no dialogue and it blows my mind why they’d make a character with such a feature. A game with dramatic sound cues and they give us a mute.

Exactly. And I was trying to find an active thread on this, but everything appeared to be locked dead. Then to top it off, they added an even darker and thinner robot with the Rev-9.

I just can not take T800 or Rev-9 players serious in this game…
Using those skins is like “legal cheating”