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Syndrome weapon skin / EMBAR

(FredDraws) #1

I watched the last gears o f war all acces live stream , i reclamed the skih when the live ended and 1 week later i still don’t have the embar , its says that it was reclamed help please . (i’m french sorry for the english )

(DLCarr17) #2

Here you go Bud:

(Belkain) #3

I suggest you take a screenshot next time, I always do just to be safe.

(FredDraws) #4

i would like to post in this forum but i can’t there is no reply buton , help please ,

(BungiePlayer) #5

go here ~~~> Missing Gears Esports Weapon Skins? Post here!

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(NL Grexoz) #8

Hi there,

As stated please visit THIS Thread!

It can take a while for me to get back to everyone as I am in the process of getting all the proper information.

Thank you!

Closing Thread.

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