Syndrome skins were a mistake

The skin set looks great so I’ll get that out of the way. The color is most definitely not. Swarm side needs to have them red ASAP because when I’m COG they’re using these skins and it’s getting me killed thinking they’re also a COG. Now I know I should pick out of a crowd what’s clearly a human or a robot or a beast but these skins have been nothing but problems.


What about Blue Bubbles and Diamond?

What about em? It’s all bad game design. If the point is to make them essentially “blue team vs red team” they need to keep the gun colors accordingling to the team colors. This has been a problem day one.

I also remember hearing something about they didn’t want to put a red trooper set because that’d confuse the players or something yet they keep the blue trooper skins in the game. Like, what?

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Yeah I heard they didn’t do Red Bubbles because of the faction colours, but then already had Blue Bubbles lol.

Anyway, I don’t get confused between weapon skins, but I would totally be in favour of them creating a red version of all the blue skins (Diamond included) and letting each faction use only their colour for skins.


The thing is I don’t really get too confused by them either. Even characters don’t get too confusing. Syndrome is special. Maybe it’s just TOO dark of a blue. I can’t tell you. I like weapon skins but they need to handle them better in the future. They need completell sets. Colors need to be swapped depending on your faction. They can’t ignore that stuff.

A mistake because you get confused, really? The original Phantom, Sonar and the new Heart Beat Gnasher are the only ones that change colors depending on whether you are COG or Swarm.

By your logic every other set can be considered a mistake. I do agree that having rainbows all over the place can be glaring at times but I consider that to be more positive than negative. One game I can be “trippy”, another “bubbles” and later a low profile set.

Maybe ban some skins from Ranked modes, like they do on Esports?

Literally read the rest of my posts. I said it’s all bad game design. I’m not saying color is a bad thing so I don’t know where you’re getting that. I’m saying if you’re gonna make a skin set with colored teams in mind then make them accordingly.

They could have ‘turn off weapon skins’ like when turning gore off and profanity filter.

Don’t get mad, get even. Forget the syndrome skin and equip the Midnight Omen skin, now they’ll think you’re Swarm and the tables have been flipped!


they do have them in red they’re called swarm pod just without the logo

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blue is my fav color anyway so I have no complaints. true I only use them for COG, but I mainly use onyx gold or armored set for swarm, they look good on them especially locust. That or the fight nights skins when im using black steel myyra. New Orleans was 1st time I watched the whole thing so I got the standard starters in syndrome being lancer gnasher and snub, now im sad missed out on longshot and embar cause I really like the set after getting a closer look at them prob my fav set in the game tbh, I wouldnt care if I missed like HB or enforcer guns I never use, but def use longshot and embar as I love to pop domes, but is what it is

Like most of the other skins they will likely release them after awhile to be craftable. or give you a second shot at claiming them during a stream at a later date.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue determinining what’s an enemy and what’s not even if weapon skins are the problem.

The only slight notice is that the bluish beam coming out the end of the lancer and some other guns will turn orange when on the swarm team

the Syndrome skins are some of the best in the game but i stopped using them and went back to the Mixer lancer because everyone and their brother are using them

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To be fair i do miss the days of humans are blue, locusts are red. It was hinted in all armour.

Now enemies can literally crash into a paint factory and no longer have a unique or original look.


I don’t get it. Isn’t there Midnight Omen, essencially what you need?


My point being if you use SYNDROME you should make the SYNDROME skins the opposite color. No ■■■■ you can use MO but no one is gonna do that when they want to use SYNDROME.


What if midnight omen was blue and syndrome was red? I think that’s a compromise we can all agree on!

Just mark the checkbox on my answer and move on with your life!

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I agree. While it helps as a Swarm character to fool your enemies, it sucks when I’m COG. Would mind a red change when selecting Swarm or at least a red variant.