Syndrome skins NOLA EVent

I saw Syndrome Lancer, Gnasher, and Snub is out… how do we go about acquiring those skins?

watch the gears esports at it will be given as a quest

Watching it live right now! I only see NOLA skins

They will most likely all be on the last day of the event, so sunday, just keep an eye on the streams until you see them.

i see on the stream weapon picture on twitter that the syndrome lancer snub and gnasher are shown but on the quests tab on the stream right now for today i don’t see anything about any of these 3 and i keep asking but can’t get a simple answer as to are they being offered another way or none are being offered today? does any one know?

Grexoz answered this for me there being offered on Sunday so heads up to all players.


Yeah, they will all be released on the same day I believe.

So we’ll have as many syndrome as midnight, right?

Yea I was wondering about the Syndrome weapon skins for the lancer, gnasher, and snub because that’s all the skins I want. I’m glad I didn’t miss it and hopefully they release it Saturday or Sunday.

yep except

missing midnight omen will be torque bow, snub, and longshot while the syndrome it will be boomshot, markza, and now i do find this funny the torque bow meaning as of Sunday were 3 from having both sets but i find it funny that the torque bow is the only one we will still have neither version of.

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The accounts that are played at the events have all the skins loaded onto it. Meaning that they have the entire Midnight Omen, Syndrome, you name it it’s there. Even characters like the Blood Moon Imago are on the accounts but he’s a banned character so no one can be him.

Nobody actually knows if the Syndrome skins are being given out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

There are 3 syndrome skins shown on that Y menu on xbox one, and I believe it’s lancer, snub, gnasher.

It is confirmed.

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Sunday 11:00am est. watch and claim.

Tomorrow those are given out …the Lancer is the one I want