Syndrome skin(s) still missing

I watched the event at NOLA this last weekend, and I was successful in claiming every reward except the Lancer skin. I hit claim reward several times but it kept lagging out or saying there’s an error. I get online to check to see if I had it, and it was not there. I tried waiting a bit, but when I logged back in, it was no longer there. This is such a huge let down because this also happened to me the first week with the Dropshot. I wanted to create a thread so everyone who missed out the same way I did on here to convince TC to give us our skins!!

Every stream should have a log of all users who at some point logged in and were watching the stream. They actually used this method (it’s manual) to award skins because the claim system failed one time.

If you posted on the esports skins topic then at some point a mod should verify your claim.

I suggest you take a screenshot next time.

Please check out this thread HERE
Make sure to read the complete details of the original post, and someone will investigate it.

Thank you.