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Syndrome lancer, gnasher and snub

(loppepoppe) #1

i did watch the stream, And saw in my quest tab stay tuned for how to get the skin, But every one else could claim it but not me did i miss something?

(DarkChaoz95) #2

Did you watch the stream during the grand finals and if you did claimed was there any errors? If you tried to claim and it didn’t work, then wait a few days in case the skins are still being processed for distrubution. If still then you don’t receive them, then post in the Missing Gears Esports skins thread with the details of the skins your missing.

Note it’s a bannable offence to ask for skin support when you did not actually tune in during grand finals and tried to claim.

(Devistation6) #3

I watched the stream over the weekend just to get the syndrome skins they are honestly the only ones I liked been trying to figure out who to talk to all week called Microsoft and everything this is the first time it has happened to me I got the gnasher and snub but not the lancer and if u are able to check u can see I was logged in

(DarkChaoz95) #4

If you genuinely tried to claim the syndrome lancer quest during the grand finals, then post your missing skin at the Missing Gears Esports Skin thread and someone will look into it.

(killovEr NiViRu) #5

hello The truth is my first time here claiming a skin that never came to me and then I spent looking for how to claim this problem. Well I was watching the trasmicion for the lancer and gnasher Sindrome claim them but they never came to me, I thought they would arrive for days, but now they did not arrive I know it’s too late but it was something that conpaciencia me to see, and I would like to know If you can still give it to me. only the ancer and gnasher the only design was the dropshop if not bad memory but, with all sincerity. I think it’s a bad wave that I spent watching the transmission so that it would not reach me, well this is my report. I wait for answers The coalition. or whoever :slight_smile: or a msj by xbox Thanks

(DarkChaoz95) #6

If your missing any esports skins then post the ones your missing in the missing Gears Esports skin thread. Make sure you read the first post carefully before posting as any false claim requests can lead to a ban.

Post any missing skins there in which you have actually claimed but didnt recieve.

Hope that helps.