Synchronous Infiltrating

I personally talk to some people why were they still in that match from which I quit and what they told me is that they didn’t want to be reported it as quitters so they sucked up and stayed till the end.

In my first comment I never told you not to play like this I simply stated how much of a cancer these games are. On my se comment I simple say that in my games I won’t allow this kind of gaming. Overall my comment which I am completely entire to is: I feel so bad for the rest of those players who were just sucking up their thumbs while waiting for those two else to finish the game. 73 kills in a 50 waves games it’s just terrible score and all because someone else was just abusing their builds.

Its really not that a big a deal. Putting class restrictions because you can’t get any kills is kinda weird though.

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I play to have fun during my time off not to see others have ALL the fun on something that it’s supposed to be fun for everyone :-s

Who reports for quitting if a player isn’t even contributing much? :thinking:

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To me it seems like you don’t know the difference between class skill and class balance. The fact that you are more concerned about a GL spammer over a Marksman is mindblowing honestly. Stop trying to speak for everyone forcing your idea of “big score = fun”

By your logic if I were killing 75% of the wave with Anchor I’m a scumbag, when in reality the people around me just aren’t doing the greatest.


Yeah, this guy doesn’t make much sense.

Like, 2/3rds of the classes in this game are capable of ludicrously fast clear times and kill counts if used correctly. They are certainly not all equal, but basically he’s complaining that people sometimes play their class optimally. Unless someone is going out of their way to actually block shots or otherwise grief or something, I say get over it.


No one does this lol…the ONLY time I’ve seen people afk in horde was because they knew they could and try to get a free win, not because they couldn’t kill anything. Either that or legit had to go do something.

its usually the people who aren’t maxed out yet.

one last thing and im pretty much done with this topic. I played tactician sniper with @RelaxingKoty and had a good time. There was two blademasters sweeping the floor but never once was I like “this is ridiculous look at these scumbags!”


It’s official @TurnerBurner922. You’re a scumbag for hogging all the damage as Demo whenever we do boss rush.


I guess this makes me qualify as one too.

To be perfectly clear, this was a case of randoms significantly underperforming for me to get that performance at the end of the match. But I don’t think the person above was referring to that type of scenario - though I certainly don’t agree with the choice of words - but rather when all players actually are good enough to contribute equally but two players are hogging all the kills on the other side of the map when playing CQC(obviously an example case since that is not the only time that can happen… as Marksman is more than capable of the same all by itself), while the others are left with 20% of the kills due to their class choice. Excepting engineer since that one usually doesn’t kill much to begin with.

But it’s as simple as not playing with them if that’s something you don’t like(I know I don’t do too much as I’m past the need of wanting an easy pass with a class I don’t like and rarely play engi). Don’t see the need to get all ranty about it.

[I also don’t count Boss Rush because that’s one of the few cases where taking a Demo may actually be justified as being necessary.]


Barring any weird BS, I play Marksman in Horde, I’m typically getting about double the combined kills of the rest of the team. That just how it be. I would literally have to sandbag to not do this. Even if I don’t use my Ult, that’ll drop it to maybe double the next highest guy if he’s good.

Some people are cool with the carry, some people detest it. Either way, I switch around the classes I use to prevent the one-man show from never ending. It does get old for everyone eventually.

This reminds me when I played as a Striker on Harbor and performed better than the randoms I played with. One of them sent me a message at the end of the match. They said, “You are a tryhard.” They played as a Blademaster, but finished as the lowest performing player in the match. The other classes were demo, marksman and mechanic.


People don’t like good players and people don’t like bad players. I guess everyone’s supposed to be incredibly average.


Didn’t know there is such a thing in pve. Do people really report players who quit Horde??…

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Sits in a corner and cries :cry: I like playing as Veteran…


I despise quitters but I dont report them because I know nothing will come of it.


Nothing is wrong here stop crying like a baby.

Not surprising. Remember in public school when kids would make fun of other kids for having worse grades or better grades? Individuals always want to single out extremes so they feel like they belong in the greater whole.


I rather be a scumbag and win than not a scumbag and lose. 🤷🤷🤷

It sounds like that guy wants people to nerf themselves so he can get more kills. It’s amazing the stuff I read on here.

People sometimes forget that getting better at the game is always an option.

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Nerf Ultra. Hes too powerful.



But on a semi-serious note, if someone thought he was too good to play with…just don’t play with him.

Same logic can be used for certain classes

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