Synchronous Infiltrating

I just thought it’s cool how close to each other we both were Damage/Kill-wise so i share this. :grin:


Damn. Thats awesome.

Reminds me of @Ultra_Gnasty and I when we play Blademaster at the same time.


I feel so bad for the rest of the group. I’m guessing they just kept on leaving since one infiltrator is more than enough but two are just cancer :-s :-s

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Yeah but you had a WAY higher ping. That’s a handicap.

You totally won. :+1:


Why do people hate fun? I’m not going to push that this vocal minority is everyones opinion but man the amount of times I hear stuff like this is insane. Can’t play Demo, Infiltrator, BM, Marksman, Veteran or Tactician without it being “boring” or “too strong”

When you narrow out those classes you’re generally only left with 13 playable classes, two of them being engineers lol. Next you’re going to tell me Anchors shield is OP and Robotic Experts healing barriers is too easy.


Fun isn’t allowed


"Bro Nomad can fear enemies out of the base??? It :clap: needs :clap: a :clap: nerf :clap: "

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I’ll never understand the “insert meta class not allowed” titles. Just seems weird to me.


I’d like to think there’s a difference between fun for everyone involved and fun for one or two people while everyone else sits around twiddling their thumbs. Although I don’t specifically ban classes from my lobbies(most Demos these days aren’t the spammer kind, or they simply join those lobbies that demand the class) or wouldn’t kick anyone for so-called “overperforming”, but I’m unlikely to want to hang around if it’s not something I can get around by moving somewhere else on the map or am not feeling like playing super aggressively just to not be bored.

Like, I don’t have an issue with you if you’re the type to kill everything and not leave much for anyone else to kill, but I have little interest in playing with players like that either. Unless I’m the engineer, in which case I’d care little about how much is killed by who unless they’re all underperforming.

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:joy: 80ish is okay everything above 100 is terrible as CqC


I played with a 200ping as Striker. I couldn’t snipe OR melee.

It was the worst lmao


Yes Indeed! A lot of people don’t seem to understand this relatvely simple concept.

Whilst it might be ‘masses of fun’ for those doing all the killing, it’s not particularly fun for everyone else. Let’s be honest, any high DPS class maxed out played by a half competent player is over powered.

I played a game recently as a Combat Medic with two Demo’s (2 lockers each) and a GL spamming Tactician, to say I was bored would be an understatement.

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Not really. Blademaster,Gunner,Infiltrator,Nomad, Anchor,Pilot or a Rifle-Tactician (yes that’s a thing) are perfectly fine balanced Classes.

I’ve yet to see a half-competent Player going crazy with those Classes/Builds to the point where i’m bored.

If somebody “over-performs” with those Classes it’s the Player being really good at that Class, not OP-Classes.

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My best friend sometimes pushes the boundaries for me. He’s a fantastic Demo and I appreciate that, but there are too many cave man “me have boomshot me shoot all” moments. He doesn’t understand the same concept applies to us all - “I was just trying to perk my Ult,” which he uses every wave. Dude… ok but that guy bleeding out on the ground? He heals my barriers as Robotics Expert. The mulcher shooting me during my Ult as Gunner? He was already dying.

I just get annoyed when it’s kill jacking to that point. Not like “I saw him first and grazed his shoulder so he’s my kill!” That’s dumb. But if it helps the other player or the team to get that kill, as it does Jack for instance, please leave him alone. It hurts the team and later he’s like “they got in the base and blah blah,” yeah well my Hijack would have lasted most of that wave if you just focused on literally anything that wasn’t right next to me! That makes it less fun for me.

I’m still at the point where if it gets done, it gets done. I’m 37/37 mastered maps Frenzy and I think 23/37 on 1-50 but once that hits 37, I’m purely playing for fun as most of my cards are maxed except some level 5 yellows. If it’s not fun, why do it?

I also wouldn’t mind playing with players who want to master something let’s say without a Demo just because deleting a boss in two seconds is fantastic to beat the map for the first time on master… then after that it’s like, eh, could we challenge ourselves a little bit more though? Should still be able to torch a boss with plenty of other classes where it’s not just press Y. I dunno.


That’s why I always ban Architect, it’s way too strong. Jk.

I actually don’t like Veterans. I don’t have an issue with anything else but the aim-bot Veteran somehow just stinks.


Sorry, i won’t feel sorry when we are doing this as a CqC Class.

It does take Effort to do Stuff like this, at the very latest once the double damage Poison kicks in.
If someone doesn’t enjoy it they are free to leave, nobody forces them to stay.

San and I did multiple 50s with just 2 or 3 Players squaded up, we’re not going to be mad if somebody quits a Match like this, to a certain degree i do understand it’s boring for them so i don’t blame them if they leave.

We just play for fun.

If sometimes is fun just erasing everything with a rapid fire Longshot.

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Completely agree when I’m the Veteran. Not so much fun for me when I’m not the Veteran. I mean I can literally take a break and return for bosses here and there.

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You will usually see our custom games clearly stating: no demo or tactician because they only know how to spawn gl’ rockets, no duplicates especially infiltrator. I am sooooo surprised you do not see what is wrong with OP here. It’s only fun to them to take all the kills in a game but NOT toall other people struggling to take down an enemy. It’s only fun for you to spawn the gl while the sniper struggles to get a lock on an enemy’s head thanks to all that shaking everywhere because they don’t give it a rest.
Horde it’s supposed to be team work and that is why people like me ask for balanced classes because I want everyone to have fun. I don’t want to see players quitting my game or just standing in the base with a rubber on their controllers sticks spinning around their characters doing nothing trying not to get kick by the automatic server.
The way how YOU and the scumbags who agreed to your stupid comments have fun is by not letting others have fun.

Alright, let’s dial it back, here.

The other players participated to the end so they clearly felt like staying. Some people don’t care, some people want carried, and some people are content playing low DPS classes to support while other people do the bulk of it. Chill, man.