Swords? Probably simple question

When I kill or am killed I sometimes see a pair of swords (curved blades) next to name. I think there is a bonus exp attached but I have no idea what is causing it. What’s up?

Dont think there is a bonus exp for killing the same person. It just means you killed that person 5 times without him killing you.

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Ah. Well haha to those I get and on me for getting whooped. Same as “nemesis” status from Gotham City Imposters it seems.

I believe thats what its exactly called. Nemesis in Gears 4. Here is the ribbon for it.


Oddly enough, that ribbon is just for killing the same person 5 times in a match, regardless of if/when they kill you back. But ya the icon in killfeed means they can’t kill you in between your 5 kills on them

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Wait why is that changed? Seems like too easy a ribbon to get. Should have left as Gears 3 did.

As if core isnt catered to casuals enough, ribbons too? :\

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