Swarmak in Escape?:2

I was just wondering if the Ambush has the swarmak spawn it? Anybody know? I know it just came out today but theres always that one person

No, the Swarmak appears on The Gatekeepers.


Ah I see :3 thank you my friend

How do you know its going to be in the map if it has not been released yet? Or have they said somewhere what all the hives names are called they are bringing out? and which one the swarmak is in?

Do you know as well which one has the fabricator in it? :thinking:

I’m not sure which map it’s on.

Some of the PC players will know because they can access these future Hives by changing the date. That’s how some people have already played and completed them. It’s possible for XB players to play them if the game is hosted by a PC player who has changed their internal clock.

I gather that the Fabricator works differently in Escape - its like a gift box which offers you a choice between two weapons,

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The Fabricator is in The Split. I don’t know when this hive is coming out, but all hives in this operation should be out by the end of October.

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That sounds more like a glitch or exploit i wouldnt think that its TC’s intention to bring out hives for set times and then people can change the internal clock to play it sooner if they would like to.

You would think they would just allow the exact same thing for xbox players to do aswell.

That way ifs fair for everyone and not a bonus for pc players.

Yeah it’s just an exploit. Apparently it only works for PC, not XB. I don’t know the technical stuff so couldn’t explain it in any detail and why it works for one platform but not the other.

If it’s any consolation, the leaderboards wouldn’t be active yet, so there’s no rewards being given out for completing them at this stage. They can get some of the associated achievements but that’s about it really.

The interesting thing is that it shows that these Hives have already been completed by TC, so we now know for sure that all of the Hives are finished by the dev team and basically just lined up in a release schedule. I previously thought that it was an on-going process where at the start of an Operation they’d have say, half the Hives finished but would be working on a few more. But the reality is it’s all done well in advance and that TC are probably already working on Hives for Operation 5 as we speak!