Swarmak hunter medal

I’m just wondering… has it been found yet or not? Cause I’ve yet to see the swarmak in escape (I still haven’t done every escape map either) and any time I search online, I cannot find an answer. Since that Cheevo “year of the scorpion” came out, that makes me think that we won’t see any new escape maps for a while now. I know we’re technically in year 2, so maybe a new escape map with the swarmak could show up before operation 4 ends, but it would just be nice to be able to knock out that medal instead of not knowing where mr. swarmak is.

Anyway, if anyone knows, hit me up. Appreciate it.

The Swarmak is on one of the unreleased future Hives called The Gatekeepers. I believe it’s actually the next one to be released, so it should be achievable to all from next Tuesday.

PC players can access future Hives by changing the date/clock on their PC, and console players can play them if they join a PC player who is hosting such a lobby (I’ve got this medal myself through joining a PC host).

Also as an FYI, the Year of Scorpio achievement includes the remaining future Operation 4 Hives. There’s three more left - The Gatekeepers; The Split; and The Mist.

As a little teaser, The Gatekeepers is a fairly linear Hive where you encounter several enemy encounters which featured some gatekeeper enemies - enemies you must kill to progress. There is a mutator which gives gatekeeper enemies extra damage and health. It features a series of linear corridors which lead to larger arenas where you also get to fight bosses and mini-bosses. Some of the spawns feature a Snatcher and a Matriarch (as well as the Swarmak at the end).

The Split I don’t know too much about, but seems to feature multiple possible split paths (hence the title I think). Each path will feature something of use along the way - such as Venom Fans which slow the venom and buy you more time, or a Fabricator which basically acts as a gift box offering you a choice of two possible weapons.

The Mist is like the Horde map Rail Line and features heavy mist so visibility for mid-long range isn’t great. There are quite a few Sires along the way too - plus one of the mutators gives you more Sires, but they have less health each.


Ahh okay thx! I always forget that PC players can Datamine future info/content. That’s good to know the map is showing up very soon now.

As for the year of the scorpion cheevo… some ppl have already unlocked it, so that’s why I assumed we were done getting escape maps for a while (or at least the ones that count towards year 1 anyways), but your explanation about date changing on PC clears that up. Good to know. Thx!

This brings the question back to are they really doing a gears 5 version of river as that was found in the files a bit back around beginning of op4?

Well, the players who data-mined the game files and found files referring to River also found file names containing the names of the new Operation 4 maps before any of it was officially announced by TC (Overload, Reactor etc), so it seems reliable. But then I know alot of people don’t want to go overboard and get too hyped up with expectation just in case it’s an error.

I suppose the difference with these Escape Hives, is that these PC players haven’t just found file names containing the names - they’ve actually been able to access and play these Hives so these Hives 100% exist. With River we haven’t seen anything else like screenshots etc.

I’ve come across The Gatekeepers in a PC lobby and we completed first time on Master. No iron man mutator and as Fahz, I absolutely destroyed the Swarmak. As long as you damage the Swarmak, you get the medal.

All hives that are featured and presented with every operation ARE in game before that operation starts. You download all hives with pre operation patch and they are playable from first day operation comes up…

But its nice to hear that there is a chance to play on river once again.

If someone did not noticed that, developers like to put some content for future updates earlier than it seem to be logical(release date of update, dlc), it just lowers the size of an updates significally. TC does not make anything exceptional with this behavior.

Its almost forgotten, but horde command pack (if i recall correctly) was that kind of thing where players just purchased it to unlock something that was in game for a long time.