Swarmak and Matriarch

These are the only bosses that I have complaints about. It’s not a problem of killing them, but more so issues I have with their behavior/design in horde.

My biggest gripe is how the matriarch immediately destroys fortifications only by walking into them, unlike Snatchers who actually have to stop and attack them. It’s just an odd how barriers don’t slow her down, but are vaporized as well.

For the swarmak, theres been times where I’ve been completely behind it, but when it fires the rockets, they do a 180 and blast me, even if he was focusing someone else prior.

Guided Rockets.

The Matriarch is essential a buffed Lambent Zerker from 3, which did the same thing—so…

You have to admit they are annoying and poorly designed.

Putting fortifications into the map geometry to keep them “safe” is such a bizarre thing to do.

And Swarmaks just waltz right in to the base on Forge and end runs.

That’s just part of the fun!

I’ve had swarmak missiles curve around corners & go through walls so dont feel bad bud

The swarmak i kinda understand since its so giant, but the matriarch is relatively small and its a close quarters and movement reliant enemy. so I dunno why they’d make her unaffected by barriers

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I don’t mind the Matriarch itself. My issue is with burying our fortifications inside walls like we are squirrels hoarding nuts for the winter. I mean…there must be a better way.


I 100% agree

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One thing that’s strange is why matriarch is not vulnerable to fire type damage in gear of war 3 berserker are weak to :fire: fire so why not matriarch ?

Incendiary grenades work wonders on the matriarch. If you have Keegan with his grenade pouch card, someone with a cryo cannon &/or a jd, it’s not hard to kill it if everyone plays their role properly & works together.

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I do think it sucks barriers don’t slow the matriarch down generally. I might be wrong but when there are several of them playced sideways for lack of a better term, I think I’ve seen that work but it’s limited.

I really want the flamethrower from 3 it was the best , but yeah incendiary grenade don’t put the burn effect the last time throw one on her so you need to stop her is the thing when half of the ally get yeet you don’t have the luxury to freeze her.
But yeah I know jd can kill her fast thanks to bleed and aoe that the easy boring way spam her until it’s dead .

You’ll have the luxury of freezing if you have a cryo cannon or two on the locker. Most of the time ppl take them off but then get mad when you don’t have a chance against the matriarch. It’s not that the option isn’t there, ppl simply don’t use it.

Truth, I always put a cryo on the locker for the chance of matriarch or warden and when they show up it’s magically turned into a tenth freedom lancer.


Cause TC doeant feel like bringing back the scorcher?

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Most of me party as jack less of 10% take one cryo (with random ) most of the time they want me to scrap it

The matriarch is incredibly frustrating and poorly designed. It’s not a fun challenge to fight something that just instantly deletes your defenses. It’s badly designed.

I do the same. Ppl dump it & get mad when we get overrun by the matriarch. It’s like they didn’t play the campaign at all. And yes, always conveniently replaced with a freedom lancer, lol. Cuz JD is the end all be all.

So you’re upset that you have to learn how to leave your base and just keep her away from your fortifications…
Swarmak you do the same and find a bit of cover…

Oh, poor Swarmak! He got stuck behind that gate! :crazy_face:

WTF!? How!? But… He was behind that ■■■■■■■ gate!? :exploding_head: