Swarm vs AI, What Happened?

What ever happened to them supposedly allowing us to play as Swarm in the vs AI playlist?

I don’t believe this was ever on the agenda. They always said that it’s low on their list of priorities.


Yeah that’s exactly what they said in the OP5 release dev stream. I re-watched it yesterday. To be honest at this point it makes little sense as you would presumably be splitting the user base in two again unless it was random which side you were on.

Why is it people want this? To play as Swarm or to get the Swarm wins without entering the normal versus?

Both I guess. PVE players rarely get to use Swarm/Locust skins. Some people spend money on skins too, so it’d be nice to be able to make use of them. It was a feature in GOW3.


Fair point, I forget about skins.