Swarm Themed Discord Update

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Hello this post is to keep the everyone updated on the changes to my discord since my last post

This is i have added many roles to the server

Added a Community Nights is for user’s who want to participate in community events. User’s should be notified 2 weeks ahead of the event. This is to have fun with the community and can be custom versus or custom horde [ specify in post ]

And for those who play the older gears [ Gears ] ( Role ) is for user’s who want to host games on the older gears games [ Specify in Post ]

Second thing is that I have been adding mention able roles for pvp and pve users in the hopes of a meet up an play type channel

Edit All Modes and Maps are now featured in my server via mention able roles

I believe it will be nice to have for those who use it to distinguish what is be played and mode

Lastly a couple of things

Added Some Discord Bots that are used for table top games for more fun in the server

New emotes [ no pictures ]

I added a art/drawings channel, a meme sharing channel, and a Music channel

I also added some stuff to the server shop for fun!

Screenshot_20210822-140854_Samsung Internet|230x500

Thanks for reading about my Swarm Themed discord have a great day :grinning:

Link for those interested

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I’ll join. Swarm/Locust are badass villains.

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Great job with all the detail Red.

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glad to see a custom event hosting server!

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Dude, seriously check your DMs

6 Month Discord anniversary :grinning:

Big thanks to everyone who has joined so far… hoping for another great 6 months of my discord



More Community Night Roles


New invite link: The Hive


Some Halloween Emojis


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