Swarm/Locust Lore Question Gears 5 *SPOILER*

So thinking back to my play of GEARS 5 s campaign i got to thinking how did the locust in the lab not get affected by the Imulsion Countermeasure at the end of Gears 3??? Is it due to their lesser exposure to imulsion then the rest of the locust? Maybe their cryo sleep saved them some how? I think it may just be a plot hole, but fingers crossed we get a skin of those locust for VS.

My theory, is that canonically the events at the lab (where the habitants were all frozen) occurred at a very early stage so they were not infected by Imulsion yet (because these Locust were born in the lab from Niles’ experiments), or at least had very little Imulsion cells in them. For example alot of the humans (Marcus et al) by the end of GOW3 were unaffected by the countermeasure so it’s clear that Imulsion needs to reach a particular point before the point of no return, which is presumably quite high.


Good point Marcus by GOW3 most likely had more imuslion exposure then these early locust

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Since it wasn’t explained in the game (and I’m assuming none of the books or comics mentioned it), you could probably make up any reason you wanted to explain why they survived the imulsion countermeasure. Who knows, maybe there are locust who actually survived Gears 3 and are just hiding out until Gears 6/7