Swarm Imago in Gears 5?

Surely he will carry over into Gears 5? By far my favorite Swarm/Locust character.

Black Steel Swarm Imago needs to happen :raised_hands:


@GearsCharacters make it happen, campaign for it :+1:


Not gonna lie that’s pretty damn BA


Well then, I do like the looks of a Black Blood Moon Imago, though I’m happy with just a regular Swarm Imago being added into Gears 5. It would be cool to see this in Gears 4 though, assuming it wouldn’t take much to create as it’s simply another reskin.

If there’s a Black Steel version, there will be a Base Version :+1:

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You make a good argument sir :wink:

I’m going to donate to a charity for TC so I can get him this time and be a noob and use him in every match I play which will probably be less then 10 matches but use him when I play you with and that nerd @DAVID_THE_CLOWN and whomever else!

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I’ll have to screenshot and tape it over my screen just so I can pretend I’m using him since TC ignore big money requests in exchange for in game skin that takes 10 seconds to assign to someone :laughing:


Everyone, we have just witnessed something incredible today. Sir Tony the Sympathetic, aka #3, aka Tony Hayabusa, is returning to Gears 4.
Welcome back holmz!

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By all means, looks cool can’t lie, but for Gears 5 with Gilded RAAM being moved over via unlock from Gears 4, Must means locust are coming in some way for Gears 5 without a doubt. Therefore as long as the returning locust for versus multiplayer are good ones. Example: Myrrah, Skorge, Palace Guard, Savage Kantus, Therons etc so on and so on, I mean there’s loads more but only so many they can pick I guess, Let’s hope the right ones have a “5” symbol on their Gears 4 card.

But please for the love of god have the Cyclops in this game, by the time this game la7nches it’ll no doubt be 11 years since we played as that badass…

& for the COG obviously the Onyx Guard. Otherwise I dispair :joy::joy: