Swarm Hive Master Difficulty achievement obtained... After hours of trial and error!

So there it is… Finally.
The new swarm hive is a BLAST to play, no SIRES at all. xD
Here you go:

Escape is slowly evolving into my most played mode in Gears 5

Here is another escape hive run on inconceivable…
Brothers till the end:

Thanks for watching :call_me_hand:

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Congrats man.

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Thanks !

I prefer to fight in my master runs but everyones different.

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Das ist gut :wink:

I especially love the team work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:
…might give it a go tonight!


Well said man

Playing in the german language :-1::-1:

But the first video is not in Master right? Too few enemies…

I wanted the Only Knife achivement xD

Glad this bring joys to you

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But the german Gears dub is almost always good and even if you do not like it, the 2nd one is with with Spartan Emil talking in english but the first is in german and on Master difficulty