Swarm for PvE - Think on it!

Let’s be honest. The Grubs are just as loved as the COG, in some cases (such as me), the Swarm are actually the preferred faction.
Sadly, we are restricted to playing our vicious monsters in PvP only.

We can play a Drone in the campaign via a mutator. We have super-whacky glitzy WWE skins that can br used in PvE modes. We have Lambent, Locust, Swarm and Terminators co-operating on the red team.
It’s safe to say Gears 5 is no longer about keeping continuity and all about ensuring we have a damn good time.

They did this with Op.5’s terrific changes to Horde and Escape. No restrictions. 19 classes. Freedom to play whatever COG you want. It rocks.
So what if I suggested TC take it the next step further. And let us play WHOEVER we want in Horde or Escape. Nothing pleases me more than having a Veteran RAAM popping his Living Legend ability in cover, with Marcus, Kait and Myrrah huddling up next to him to get headshot-happy.

I think, whilst a bold move, it would make myself and thousands more happy. C’mon guys, you know it’s a good plan!


To be honest it does kinda suck that we can only use COG characters in horde, but adding swarm/locust would kind of lose it’s feeling. Now maybe if there were some swarm/locust defectors, or some way to write that into the story…I could see that.

However I could see using lambent against the swarm/locust because they actually hate them as well.

Just my thoughts…

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:smiley:Sounds FUN, to be SWARM /LOCUST vs COG Faction/ Silverback, etc as the boss or other power hitters as the enemy AI. to play against

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Unless I can either block those skins or have them show as Gears on my screen.
The wrestlers and real world holidays skins are already silly enough, I kinda like immersion.


Several threads on this idea, I’ll say the same again… no from me, gears needs to return to its serious roots, bring the ‘war’ back to gears of war, just because we already have whacky implementations like crossover characters doesn’t mean we want them to stay.


Mordheim let’s you play as the slaves, try that?

I agree with this. I’ve always considered them the true protagonists.

However, I think having them as selectable characters in Horde/Escape would just be too confusing for most. While I’d seriously prefer using General RAAM, Palace Guard, Therons or the Queen herself, it’s just not feasible.

The only way it would work is for Beast Mode to return, which I think we all know isn’t going to happen.

I always thought TC was denying itself revenue in Gears 4 when it did not allow Swarm/Locust in Horde. I would think they lost tons of money from the pve community that would have gambled/bought the Black Steel Esport Locusts.

As for if they should be in pve now, why the heck not I suppose.

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Maybe in Gears 6 hopefully so and a true sequel to Horde 2.0 withthe OG Horde rosta, formers, Lambent fighting Drones etc.

We can dream mate.

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They still have the protagonists’ voices.

Wasn’t it called BEAST mode back in the day? I luv to see it=)

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Yes, that’s what I said. I’d have loved it to make a comeback, great mode. Simple not within TC’s skill set though to not make a mess of it.


Beast mode was quite possibly my favorite game mode back in the day. The problem here though, is that a new beast mode would likely only have us playing as Swarm creatures, so I’d still like to see Locust and Lambent skins added to Horde and Escape.


The Swarm have been VASTLY improved from Gears 4 to 5. Each Drone now has their own personality; the eager viciousness of the Drone, the cold patience of the Sniper, the boistrous aggression of the Grenadier to the sadistic pleasure of the Hunter.
Along with their own brand of weapons and armour and how they’ve been better fleshed out as this collective hiveminded race of parasitic, insect-like human/grub hybrids.

Whilst the Swarm will never hold a candle to the Locust, they’re still pretty f*cking awesome and iconic in their own way.


True, they were really bland in Gears 4. While I forgave that, as the Swarm was ‘new’ compared to the Locust: they still had to develop into something similar. Design wise, they did a great job with the Swarm characters and personalities. Like Grenadiers act as how they should behave, just like Snipers. The ones that are the best are the Hunters, which in Gears 4 looked like a Drone with a Torque Bow and are now a bit more menacing.
That being said, TC has so far unfortunately not been able to have them live up to a status comparable to the Locust. They still have a lot of work to do for Gears 6.

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I honestly want Swarm for CooP vs AI. I think someone made a solid suggestion in saying that TC could just have the teams switch sides every match. So basically one match you play as COG, then the next one Swarm, and so on. I can’t imagine it’d be that hard implementing this either. As someone who’s not a huge PVP guy, it would be nice to be able to play as the baddies here and there/

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I agree with the Swarm for Versus Coop vs AI. But for Horde any effort should go to getting more of the past enemies available on the swarm side.


Swarm should have their own fabricator with one or two commander/ engineers players that can build pods for juvies or pounces game mode is to play for control of taps or something like that just spit Bolling every ten waves you can spawn a boss

Excuse the spelling

I mean, we already have a COG faction with the DBs, just add in the nameless characters like the COG gear, Onyx Guard, UIR varients, and possibly lambent characters and you have the makings of a Horde, but with Locust/Swarm. A few named characters could be bosses. Imagine having an engineer spawn with a fabricator and start making a base would be a hack of a way to change up gameplay.

What about using squads of named characters instead of single bosses? Four characters with their own abilities that work synergistically, such as seeing Delta or Kilo squad. Theirs’s quite a bit of potential with switching the roles around. All the classes would even work the same, minus a few changes, such as spawning leeches/tickers instead of trackers and Scions/Boomers instead of DBs.