Swarm for Co-Op vs. AI Mode!

A lot of players like to kick back and relax on the Co-op vs. AI mode (myself included) to have an easygoing experience whilst steadily wracking up challenges without the stress of PvP. But with the lack of being able to play as the Swarm team (again, a large amount of the playerbase prefer the grubs to the COG; again, myself also included) kinda only half-fulfils the joy of the PvE versus mode.

Not to mention there are plenty of Swarm/Locust-centred challenges and character totems that simply cannot be done in this chilled environment. Surely it can’t be too difficult to implement the randomise team allocation from PvP into PvE?
Not to mention it gives you an option to select your Swarm character for PvE in the menu, which feels very redundant.

What say you, fellow Gears? Let’s spread the word and get TC to add The Swarm to Co-op Vs AI!


Yes agree totally. Just make it random as to which race the players play as each time.


I actually prefer the COG to the Locust and Swarm because of how often I’m put in the monster team online.

Though, with Swarm specific challenges, this is starting to become real necessary.


This would be a good addition and like many things I am surprised they haven’t implemented it.


They never did in Gears 4. It was requested many times.

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Doesn’t mean TC won’t do it this time somewhere down the imminent line; there’s actual insentive to do it, and if enough people speak loud enough, they will hear.

Think of the amount of bugs and tweaks that were cried for and eventually carried out- hell, of TC can remove a beloved loadout weapon 2 years into a game’s life (Hammerburst in Gears 4) because people asked, I see no reason why they’d have a problem with adding playable Swarm in PvE, which is nowhere near an insurmountable job as altering weapon stats.

I do think Octus said it was on the list of features to come in Gears 4, about 6 months after launch, and that’s the last I’ve heard of it.

I also think making it swarm vs co-op ai is quite difficult. After all, if it was easy, it would already have been done.

Its something that I would like to have, but ultimately I don’t think it will happen, mainly because there are bigger issues at the moment.

I would like to have it though.

Honestly, they should stop focusing on constantly messing around tuning the Gnasher and Lancer a gazillion times that continue to divide and butt heads with the community and focus on bringing more lightweight content, like free new skins to earn, or, in this case, Swarm as a playable team in PvE vs. AI!


And I would agree with you.

Sadly, I don’t think its going to happen.

But please TC, make Swarm playable in Co-Op Vs AI.

This would also make earning skins like Jermad, Raam and Locust Drone a bit easier which would negate TCs business model of expecting people to pay for what they can’t earn. They’re not going to give it to us if it impacts their potential revenue stream, guys.

I agree.

As someone who is now approching their 30’s, juggling between my own personal family and work, I don’t play Multiplayer games as a rule anymore, I don’t have the time to put in that amount of effort to not drag down other people, so I just play Co-op based things with people, on Halo, Gears etc, or on my own, games against the AI.

When I get some free time from a hard day of work, especially now during Covid crisis as a front line member of Staff, I just want to chill out, sit back and talk to people and play a game and chill out from the stress.

I don’t play to win, I just play to have fun. Now, that is not a bad thing, I paid to play this game, so I play it how I want to play it. However, that might not be fair to some other players who play to win and put that time and effort in and who don’t really want someone like me who is not going to play to win, I accept that, but I play against the AI, so they never have that problem.

I’m just here to chill from stress from work so anything that improves upon the Co-op experience would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment if I have challanges to do and mates I know from work who come on to play some Gears with me, we play Co-op vs AI, or the Campaign, but when they are off and I don’t have challenges to do, and I want to play as the Locust/ Swarm characters, I’m relegated to a Private Lobby with myself and just bots.

No one to talk to, no one to have fun with, just myself so it would nice to have a Co-op vs AI set up the way normal Versus is set up, where it switches you between COG and the Swarm.

I know Co-op vs AI was created with the sole intention to help new players new people get into the rhythm of playing Gears Multiplayer and was not created to be used for this purpose, but for me and others we don’t play and or like playing against other people, we are quite fine with playing against the AI so we can just chill out, and not take everything seriously, and if we need to head off because for family reasons, work etc, it does not throw the match and effect other people.

I play Horde yeah, but I like palying the actual Multiplayer side of things like King of The Hill, Team Deathmatch, Dodgeball etc.

Their is a large part of the Gears community that just plays PVE, there always has been so any additions to the AI side of things would be great.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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We’ve been asking for this since Gears 4 and still haven’t gotten it. Just like we’ve been asking to have all Game Types playable in Co-Op vs AI.

It’s not going to happen though as by not doing it, it forces you to play more Public/Ranked versus hoping to get on the Swarm side for specific challenges or forces you to play game types/modes you wouldn’t normally play.

Unfortunately I gave up on any of versus related challenges/medals as 99% of the time I end up on the COG team and if by some shear stroke of luck I do get on the Swarm I end up losing the match.

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I asked about it on the Developer Stream and Dana answered it and he said he is going to pass it along to the team so it’s better than nothing and I am glad that it got mentioned, and I am very much liking that our questions are getting answered.

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I know when you go to pick a character in VS AI, you can pick a Swarm character too but it doesn’t actually do anything. I don’t think it would be hard to implement, just have you alternate between COG and Swarm every match (match 1 is COG, match 2 is Swarm, match 3 is COG, match 4 is Swarm etc.) and there you go.

Just have it the same way versus does.
You do a match then it switches you,the same as it is in normal Versus.
A days work or something like that.

Or just let people choose whether they want to play Swarm or COG Coop vs AI. As someone who isn’t a Swarm/Locust fan I do not like using those characters and prefer using COG in Coop vs AI, which I sometimes just play to relax a bit or for daily objectives, so I would rather use characters I actually want to use there. Or I may only want to do COG or Swarm medals or something like that. Leaving because of being the wrong side would seem like it could be rather annoying. And would it do much harm to have the Coop Versus be split into COG/Swarm?


Sounds fair yeah, I’m chill with either.

I prefer play as COG against Swarm

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That would be easy to implement as well.

Dana said on todays Dev stream that it’s Tier 2 priority,
Tier 1 being Maps, sorting out Ranked etc.

So what this means is it will take some time, but it is something they are looking at.
So this is good news, we just have to wait and see, but I am happy with this