Swarm Drone Elite lore, return to PVP/PVE


So I found this in the Gears wiki…

Apparently the reason we don’t see ANY of the original elite drones is because they were all or mostly all killed in Gears 4, but its said that eventually normal swarm drones mature into elite drones as quoted from the wiki, so in theory you’d be more likely to encounter them in swarm hives right?

This is the reason to have them in Gears 5 again as well as just a cool MP character or skin for versus, they are very unique as enemies with their lancer, bolo grenade and boltok setup, its a no brainer…


It looks like a moving coral reef.

But if T.C. should bring them back they need to hurry the hell up because damn am I bored


Sauce on the wiki?

Oh no way! You know that actually would make a lot of sense if you think about it. We killed the first generation of swarm so it would take time for them to grow into their elite form. Maybe there’s some as guards that are deep in the hives. Another reason he should be an upcoming character for gears 5 though. We want him back, I spotted him multiple times in gears 5s images, and now there’s lore to back up why they’ve been missing. Fingers crossed he’s an OP 5 character! Nice spot man! :+1:


Maybe he’s one of the new enemies micheal mentioned that’s coming to gears 5


Hopefully man, they were cool to fight against in Gears 4, they’re like the cyclops from the locust horde because they don the lancer, it would make things more interesting imo…

Thanks man! And yeah hopefully :crossed_fingers: miss this grub

Source? That image is a screenshot of the wiki from my phone, if you want to look yourself, just type ‘Swarm drone elite’ in the wiki :ok_hand:

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Source on that piece of information. The wiki doesn’t provide source either.

Oh, and more on topic afaik Drones are supposed to get Lancer/Retros at the same time the “”“new”"" boss will be introduced to Horde.

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Hold up what? What did he say exactly? Like the question asked and the reply?

I don’t remember exactly what was said as it was a few dev streams back. But he confirmed that newer enemies will be added and we’ll be getting at least ONE new boss throughout gears 5 lifetime

Never specified who though

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The screenshot I provided from the wiki states that the scions had a change in tactics, they couldn’t wait for normal drones to fully mature into elite drones we see in Gears 4, which suggests its still possible for drones to fully mature like we saw in Gears 4…

What? New boss?

Wow, ok! Thats big news to my ears, I wounder what it’ll be?

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He’s asking where the information stated on the wiki comes from because as is, you literally can’t find that anywhere… other than TCs internal lore department or whatever.

I see! Well in that case no idea, would kind of be useful if TC would explain the lore a bit more to us…

I like the Swarm, but we don’t know lots about them unfortunately.

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New enemies huh? That’s really cool! I’m freaking hoping at least one of them is the drone elite. As for a boss who knows what that could be?

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Interesting. One of them hopefully will be the original elite drone.

All I know is we need the best looking one back!


It is possible it could be another swarm big bad that they’re cooking up but Micheal and Dana started going off about RAAM being added as a new boss and how’d they’d do it. I would rather RAAM be added as the concept they talked about sounded like something really worth fighting against

I seriously doubt it will be RAAM and they rather meant it as a theoretical concept they weren’t actually working on or would have ready in time for Op 5 if they even put in the time to make it work at all.

Side note, I would appreciate bosses like the Matriarch or Swarmak more in Horde if it didn’t simply come down to either freezing them from a distance or putting them down with burst damage before they become a threat/wipe the team because the atrociously artificial Horde balance does not encourage nor allow moving around outside the base if anything other than the boss is still alive.

I’d much rather yeah expanded on the swarm tbh!

If they wanna add RAAM to horde hopefully they can just make a ‘Locust’ horde event/mode, they have working wretches in gears 4, so wretches could definitely be added, the Matriarch works exactly like the berserker so whether they just change the model and remove the spine throwing ability is up to them, the locust drone and grenadier are currently in as skins so… :man_shrugging:

I love the locust, but I just wish the swarm would get expanded on and explored a bit more, we have to except in some respects that the locust are dead now moving forward with Gears…

That statement on the wiki had no source and is not supported/stated anywhere in the game/books or otherwise.

In the past, the devs said that they wanted more variety, so they split them up into more variety (for gameplay reasons). As far as I know, there has not been any information provided as to the “lore” associated with the cosmetic changes.


I mean variety is kind of the problem here, the elite drone was very different in terms of looks and enemy loadout, it is a shame that isn’t true to the lore then…