Swarm creatures origin

We all know locust are evolved Scions what about other creatures in the swarm like snatchers and carries where did they came from it’s possible they are evolved hollow creatures and snatchers and pounchers are actually evolved tickers my theory is carries are evolved boomers that once serve in the locust horde

My theory is that Snatchers are evolved from Reavers and Pouncers are Evolved from Bloodmounts, Also the boss at the end of Gears 4 was an evolved Corpser


maybe but the pouncers are just baby snatchers

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I was literally about to ask the same question when your post was suggested.

I too would like to know what the other Swarm creatures were evolved from. As you mentioned, we know that the Scions are evolved Locust Drones and the Swarmaks with the ugly blisters are evolved from Brumaks, but what are the other Swarm creatures evolved from? You might be right about the Pouncers and Carriers, but the Snatchers, I’m not so sure. On the Gearspedia website, it mentions that Snatchers are the adult forms of Pouncers. However, since it’s a wikia page, it might be wrong. I do like the design of The Gatekeeper monster (I think it’s called) in Gears 4 because it’s like a hybrid of the Carrier, Snatcher, and Pouncer.

There are a few other things I like to know though that will hopefully be explained in Gears 5.

  1. While we believe the Imulsion on Sera was destroyed, the Imulsion in the Locust crystalized which makes me wonder if Imulsion, as a parasite, is still alive, but in a new form.

  2. What about other Locust that could have turned into the Swarm? I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see what a Swarm Kantus looks like and maybe a Swarm Berserker since the Matriarch doesn’t really count as part of the Swarm in my opinion. Just a Locust that was not affected by Adam Fenix’s website, along with the other Locust Drones in stasis tanks.

  3. Where the hell did the tentacles come from? I mean, I get the pods, but what about the tentacles in a hive? I’d like that to be explained as well.