Swarm Characters/Skins that could Benefit the Swarm Roster

Now we all know the Swarm roster is pretty Lackluster in comparison to the Cog roster and if I’m being honest, I’d say that’s it’s partially due to the removal of the DeeBee’s. Now i have a few Character/Skin idea’s that MIGHT help but they definitely won’t Dethrone the Cog like the good old Gears 2 Days but hey, it’s something!

Locust Sniper:Legit a Locust Drone with goggles. How he isn’t already in the game as a skin for the Drone? The world may never know. Possible due to his popularity. I personally think he deserves his own slot and they could introduce more variations of him like the Thrashball Locust Sniper from Gears 4 but it isn’t up to me.

Locust Beast Rider:Now I think it was a smart move that TC already gave us the Bolter and Cyclops but how did they forget about this fellow?(Skin for the Locust Drone)
Savage Drone:(Skin for the Locust Drone)
Thrashball Drone:(Skin for the Locust Drobe)
Lambent Drone:(Skin for the Locust Drone)
Grappler:(Skin for the Locust Drone.
Spotter:(Skin for the Locust Drone
Gunner:(Skin for the Locust Drone)
Miner/Golden Miner:(Skin for the Locust Drone)

Locust Disciple:Now i have 0 doubt in my mind that we’ll be getting some tactics characters in the future but this guy HAS to have his own slot. He’s many more times different than a standard Drone. He’s basically the Locusts Bane and that’s a pure fact! I’d be hella disappointed if he didn’t get his own slot.
Ukkon:I have a feeling that along with the disciple, he’ll be around too soon! If they want to hype up Tactics they’ll most likely release him.

Locust Grenadier:Like the Swarm Sniper it honestly doesn’t surprise me that this legend isn’t in the game yet. We all seen Operations 1…anyways the Grenadier Elite, Savage Grenadier/Savage Grenadier Elite,Hunter/Hunter Elite ,Golden Hunter ,Lambent Grenadier/Lambent Grenadier Elite ,Injected Grenadier(with the needles in his back seen in one of the SASxShadows Videos)and Flame Grenadier should all be his skins.
Savage Marauder and Savage Hunter:Not sure where these two should go.

Locust Rager:I’ve ALWAYS wanted this character in multiplayer and now’s the best time to do so! Just give him the rager ability in arcade and ship him over to MP and we’re good to go!
General Karn:We’ve wanted this guy since Gears 4. He’d bring so much hype to the game ALONE!

Theron Sentinel:Another smack to the face on how this guy wasn’t released in game yet(Skin for the Theron Guard)
Helmetless Theron
Cloakless Theron
Savage Theron(Skin for the Theron Guard)
Palace Guard:The OG Palace Guard not the Collectors version.(Skin for the Theron Guard)
Savage Kantus:A skin for sweats(Skin for the Kantus)
Armored Kantus:My beloved favorite skin for the Kantus(Skin for the Kantus)
Vold Raam(Skin for General RAAM)
Skorge:RAAM’s Dom basically. The badass Kantus Priest you had to battle during Gears 2!
Uzil Shraak:The hyped up General that gave even RAAM an ■■■ whooping! We already got Jermad, now imagine the OG General.

Onyx Gold and Spectre Skins for the Drone, Sniper, Grenadier, Hunter and Imago
Heavy Scion:(Skin for the Scion)
Armored Scion:(Skin for the Scion)

Epic Reaper(W/ no special abilities and it’s own stand alone skin)
Classic Elite Swarm Drone
Savage Swarm Sniper
Savage Swarm Grenadier
Note:Now this has nothing to do with the thread, just a suggestion but coalition in your next game try going down the path where the swarm combines it’s DNA with the corrupted DeeBee’s and it creates a more monstrous version of drones, snipers, imagos, grenadiers, hunters and even Scion’s. These could be dope characters for Gears 6!



Combining genetic DNA with robotics doesn’t make much sense. And the Elite Swarm already have this to an extent.

Whoops guess I didn’t take that good of a look at him. He looks beastly as all hell though and I just meant making the swarm part robotic kinda like the Stump and the Rejects.

But good points.

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don’t forget the swarm elite drone (gears 4) he could be a skin for the swarm drone or swarm grenadier or even his own character I suppose.


Off topic, but I really love the addition of Queen Myrrah. The voice work for her is awesome. And can we please get a really cool Keegan skin?

Keegan should get his gears 3 onyx guard armor as a skin that’d make loads of sense and be an excuse to bring back a well loved armor style


Why oh why isn’t this a skin already!? Every single classic swarm skin from gears 4 should have shipped with gears 5 imo


Wish he shared some of the Guard’s voice lines, “Your mom’s a classy lady!”


Yeah that would be awesome, I’m still annoyed that the new onyx guard skin doesn’t have his own voice lines, the cog gears can get hella annoying real quickly

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TC probably still hasnt decided if they are gonna give it away in the next tour or sell it to us for either 250 or 500 iron


Damn a kinda unique AND at the same time AWESOME Swarm Design :no_mouth::+1:

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Honestly, they could modify the Reject models so their head isn’t all slumped over & add that as a Swarm character. Though, I dunno if that’d be way too close to the COG Deebees for people to tell apart in MP.

There’s a few things that help separate the two, but I dunno if it’s enough. There’s obviously the red eyes & red sleeves. Then there’s the tendrils and all that. You could also add the glitchy, deeper voice.

You could also add the Stump as a skin. Obviously that would have to be HEAVILY modified lol. But, I’d just make it a red DR-1 with a bunch of Swarmy tendrils all over it & call it a Stump.

And if they add Ukkon, they should go ahead & add the elder Kantus as well to complete the comic character collection, so to speak lol (even though Sraak technically isn’t in Gears 5 yet). Ima be honest, I forgot his name lmao. But, he’s got a cool look.

Edit: Found it. His name is Vrol.

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I even play as a Sire

Good topic, fully agree :+1:

Yes we need more skins for the swarm side, tbh I love the Savage swam skins on Operation 3 so please give a Savage skin to the swarm grenadier and the swarm sniper.

Since the Cog side getting millions of skins like HiveBuster Marcus, Baird and Cole they could also just be creative and add unique skins for Raam and Queen Myraah (Yes Raam has gilded Raam but that’s just a recolor).

At least the Swarm Elite Drone, Swarm Grenadier and the Swarm hunger since their originals skins were very different,

The Swarm sniper I haven’t played Gears 4 since 5 released but I’m almost sure the epic skin you unlocked on the first Tour of duty is the same skin as Gears 4.


Yeah your right about that sniper skin :+1:

Definitely a Swarm Drone skin.

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That’s the original swarm drone elite, this guy looked a lot similar to a locust, so he was a favourite among many

I know who he is. Just saying that if they brought him back, it’ll be a Swarm Drone skin.

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