Swarm character

Does anyone remember what pack the Red Swarm Sheppard came in?

Not sure if this helps…I couldn’t find anything except that its a launch serious craftable.

I have him and no idea where he came from lol.

I had him and recently destroyed him for scrap to buy the Carmines…not sure how I got him either. I didn’t have the game on release so I must have gotten it from a random pack(elite most likely)

You could have crafted him, or got this card from a large range of packs to be honest. All of the launch packs (elite, operations, Horde booster, or versus booster) contain launch cards.

Also many of the time limited gear packs also contain some launch cards. For example the current Scavenger packs contain some launch cards. Usually the 5 card packs are organised so that 3 out of 5 cards are from that series, and the remaining 2 cards cover the emblem and launch cards.

Even the eSports packs contain some launch cards. Again, the ratio for these is the same as above.

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I have only crafted 2 characters and never a swarm because you can’t use him in anything other then versus. Just was curious where he came from. I like the design as well.

This character is one of the launch characters. Whit scrap or elite pack or horde pack…