Swarm Character Banners

Does anyone know how to unlock these yet?

Progression man


Are they in any TOD or Medals or something?

They don’t seem to have any specific challenge yet, as far as I can tell. I am curious, being PVP only characters. The COG character banners are unlocked by reaching level 18.

I’m retiring from comedy. You have inherited the mantle.


Yo what if it is for Beast Mode and reaching level 18 with Myrrah

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on the topic of Banners why are there unobtainable ToD Banners from OP1/2/3 lingering in the menus?

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That would be awesome! :grin:

It would. But I do not foresee a Beast mode coming soon.

But–giving that they seem dedicated to adding new modes every Operation–I could see Beast, or at least a Swarm/Horde–focused mode coming later, and they’re just adding the banners now because why not.

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