Swarm character as a background in menu glitch or feature?

Does anyone know if this is a feature or is it a glitch? Either way I’d rather have my swarm character shown instead of cog.

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Same here. Disappeared after a random QP match and I couldn’t get it to work again…

Actually liked that as an option.

Finally! Now this is something I actually like.

I wouldn’t be certain if this isn’t a bug causing this screen to randomly show any character from within the game(seeing as this isn’t mentioned in any patch notes anywhere - be more clear about smaller changes like this if they are intended? changing Winter Armor Kait’s fur to this awfully bright white was already bad enough and never mentioned). I’ve had a friend who’s got Keegan once, and I have seen Kait(who I’d actually chosen to show there), but it’s also shown me the Elite Swarm Grenadier(who I have chosen as my Versus character but I don’t play that, so…), and the Drone Elite. What should actually be there should be the option to have any character of your choosing show on the main menu. Instead of seemingly randomly cycling through them.

Seeing as a big update was pushed today it is most likely a bug.

Hopefully they realize a fully customizable start menu is a good nothing.

Got the Blood Moon Imago on mine…

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Has anyone figured out how to recreate that? I’m back to COG only after my Scion disappeared from the menu after a random match :frowning:

I had the Warden earlier, then it switched to JD…
I hit quickplay, then select character (x button), then backed out to the main menu and the Imago was there…

It happened to me after the last match I played. I was a drone so my menu had the drone. I loaded up a custom game and switched to sniper and backed out and it was a sniper on the menu. It appears to be whatever character you were playing as last from what I’ve gathered.

Just this past evening I had the swarm,then viewing my stats,went back to the display and it displayed my character jack,like others have said wish we could keep the swarm

They should just add a toggle in the option menu …